Transplant in stages or right into 16' pots?

dbstrat(5a Joliet, IL)May 19, 2011

I've got a bunch of bhuts, two of which I'm going to try to overwinter after the season so they will go into 16" containers. Question is should these babies get transplanted into successively larger containers or just right into the final pots? They are probably 5" tall with 12 - 16 true leaves...


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I would move them into their final resting spot. The less transplanting the less chance of any shock.

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Overall, I think it's best to step up progressively. Let them grow into their new home before giving them a bigger one. You will be less likely to have problems with overwatering / the lower parts of the pot staying too wet and the roots not growing into it / rotting.

That said, I have gone straight from the little 3-4" starter pots to the larger 12 - 16" pots when they are outside. Early on, there is still risk there, but, the pots will dry out so quickly in the Summer Sun / heat that I think they will do ok.

When I overwinter a plant, I prune the top way back as well as the roots and put them in much smaller pots to take up less room indoors. By bare rooting them and trimming to put in smaller pots, you bring fewer critters in too, which are always a problem with overwintering.

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I have been going from 3" - 4" pots to 5 gallon 12"? pots for the last couple of years. My experience, initially you take a hit on above soil growth while the plant focuses on root growth. By the end of the season your plants will have a strong base and more than make up for the time establishing roots.



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