Fall update

statenislandpalm7a(7a)September 30, 2012

Hi. I haven't been on the forum in a while. Everything grew so much over the summer.

Some flowers

the last sunflowers

african marigold


cardinal vine

Gazaina from seed

Its hard to get a sense of scale but the green row of trees on the left is 6 feet

siam ruby

row of castor bean

This summer I discovered a new hybrid of canna indica in a batch of green canna indica. It has green leaves with a purple stem. The back side of the leaf has a purple edge. I am waiting for it to flower next year.

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Nice! Do you and Alex live near each other?

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Great pics! Those castors have gotten really massive this summer! Everything looks really nice and the canna hybrid should be really interesting! Looking forward to seeing what those blooms will look like! The Basjoo looks great too, it definitely likes its spot in the yard.
Glad to see your update! Hopefully we can get at least another 6 weeks of frost free weather before winter.

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wetsuiter - Yeah we both live on staten island

Alex yeah the basjoo is huge the top leaf almost touches the powerlines. I hope so, if we are lucky we wont have a frost till December.

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Last year the first night below 30F was December 7th, the same night that much of Florida had their first frost of the year! I would love for that to continue this Fall. Next week looks very cold though, one day of only 60F! Im bringing in the coconut palm this week!

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Holy majesty!. It's hard to see clearly, but that trunk looks gigantic, it must weigh a ton. Tsk, Tsk, I see EE and banana leaves touching your neighbors ugly arborvitaes. I can't believe that idiot didn't cut the leaves so they they weren't touching.

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Your postman must love you.

Looks nice.

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Thanks everyone.

Alex - I hope so. I didnt bring anything in yet ill start bringing things in when nightly temperatures are in the 40s

Bradleyo- THe majesty is huge. I re-potted it this year and it is rootbound in just 3 months. The trunk is about 10 inches in diameter. The railing in the picture is 4 feet for scale.The neighbor does cut the leaves does cut the leaves but they grow faster then the neighbor could cut them.

Jacklord- lol Im sill getting my mail, so I guess so.

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