Fertilizing my Areca Palm

skye_(Zone 10 - South Florida)September 26, 2011

I bought an areca palm last week and planted in a combination of potting soil and sand in a large pot, outside in full sun. It's developing brown spots on some of the fronds. Is this a fungus or pest or just stress from transplanting? I have read that a common pest to this plant is the spider mite and that I should mist the plant twice daily with a soapy water mixture if they are detected but I don't know what a spider mite looks like or where to look for them!

I have not yet fertilized it and would like to know if it's okay to use "Bloom Burst" 10-52-10 or do I need something different and if so, what should I buy?

Does it need to be watered daily? 2-3 times a week?

Thanks for your help.

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Your new Areca was most likely under a shade cloth, so now that you've placed it in full sun, it might be getting sunburned. I suggest placing it in a spot where it gets half day of sun, rather than all day. Water it deeply. The spider mite thing is way too exaggerated. I have several Arecas and non have that problem so definitely not necessary to spray twice daily. Bloom Burst is for flowering plants, I suggest you buy a Palm fertilizer and use that instead. Be gentle, it's better to under fertilize than to over do it.

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