Small update and other pics

P.J._in_MDSeptember 8, 2012

September is a great month to reflect on summer's success...

trachy in Mar 2011

trachy now (fence is 6' high)

nice size trunking yucca I saw while in Texas. This is just North of Arlington.

Back to my yucca recurvifolia gave a spurt after some much needed rain last week and is now flowering. First time to flower.

The hibiscus had a banner year. Flowers are so large.

I've been wanting to get into macro photography but can't put out $500+ for a lends right now. I did find one for the iPhone that's only $70. These are all without a tripod, which I now need.

Inside the hibiscus shown above.

Had fun photographing this jumping spider. He made a lunge at the phone but didn't win. :)

Inside a begonia.

A close up of crape myrtle flowers.

Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoyed.

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Pretty cool macros for an Iphone! That phone has some amazing photo capabilities. Love the hibiscus macro, very nice.

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Loved your pics...the huge Yucca and your Trachy growth!

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Thanks! The warm winter of 2011 helped with growth this summer. Let's hope for a 2012 repeat. :)

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You took those pics with you iphone?! Ive never gotten a pic that good with mine :-( i lug around my DSLR...

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