Zucchini and Yellow Squash Nightmares!!!

8fleetfeet(5)August 13, 2013

Okay, so this was my first vegetable garden, and I just pulled out the last of my zucchini and yellow squash plants (I originally had eight of each). From eight zucchini plants, I probably got a total of six zucchinis. I got a few more yellow squash, but that's it. At first the plants were healthy and beautiful looking, and they got bigger and bigger. Then came the blossoms, and a few fruit, and then BUGS! There were cucumber beetles, leaf-footed plant bugs, squash bugs and beetles. And tons of them. Tons. They were laying eggs faster than I could scrape and squish.

Gradually the plants began dying.

I asked a friend who's a farmer, and she said that it was probably the soil--that my plants weren't healthy enough to resist the insects because they weren't getting the nutrients they needed. I fertilized with a fish-seaweed emulsion, and a couple plants did get better, but only enough to produce one or two more fruits.

Finally, it was all too depressing to look at, so I ripped the plants out. Most of them seemed like they were barely in the ground, like the roots were either dead or above the surface--is this another problem entirely? Or is this just because the plants were so unhealthy?

Any suggestions on how to avoid this debacle next year? I'm now scared of squash and zucchini.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

a farmer, and she said that it was probably the soil--that my plants weren't healthy enough to resist the insects because they weren't getting the nutrients they needed.

==>> what a bunch of nonsense ...

as a newbie..

first understand.. plagues come and go .... there are high odds.. that next year will be nothing like this year...

to find out if you are at plague levels.. call your county extension and/or Ag office.. and ask them generally ... if such is being noted in your county ...

also.. perhaps you are overplanted... 8 of these plant.. probably needs about 200 sq feet ... i will bet you did not have your 8 plants in a 10 x 20 area .... let alone double that for 16 plants ...

anyway ... full fall cleanup .. all detritus.. and debris.... and double dig the bed... and if your farmer has some WELL ROTTED manure... work that in as your turn the soil.. no FRESH manure ... and then COMPLETELy forget about fertilizer next year.. build your soil.. do NOT throw stuff on top ....

and simply get ready to try again next year ...and odds are.. you will have a different plague.. and not this one.. lol ...

as a farmer.. of which you now are... its ALWAYS something... heat.. cold.. rain.. drought.. solar flares ... global warming.. global cooling... bugs.. slugs.. mullosks.... whatever.. they.. we.. are never happy ... lol


ps: 6 zukie,.. sounds like the perfect harvest.. lol ...

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Rabbit manure can be used fresh (farmer needs farm animals) leaves, news paper, kitchen scrapes will enrich the soil and worms will be plentiful. Do to clay I have raised beds and lasagna layer in them. Been working my beds three - fourteen years still learning what works doesn't in each bed. Best of luck!

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