Garden progress, 2009-2013

JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)September 25, 2013

It's been a lot of fun documenting the progress of my garden over the years. Here are a series of photos taken from the same vantage point on my roof deck.

June 2009--pay particular attention to that little palm in the lower left:

August 2009 (note how the banana has exploded!):

August 2011--note how much the palm has grown, although for some reason my banana didn't grow very big that year:

And July 2013; the windmill palm is finally trunking, and bloomed for the first time this spring (and note that you can see the palms in the upper garden starting to peek out from behind the japanese maple):

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Great photos! Before and after photos are my favorite, its really great to see how much plants have grown in just a short period of time. That trachy has had incredible growth and the banana got really big also! It's interesting that it was bigger in 2009 than in 2011. My bananas have lost a lot of it's vigor in the past 2 years, but seeing yours gives me hope that they might grow back stronger than ever next season.
Thanks for sharing! Everything looks really awesome.

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