Favorite moragne?

phalanx_viridisJune 18, 2014

I know a lot of you have extensive collections of plumies and have probably seen many come and go with hype or with extreme rarity etc.

So what is your favorite Moragne varietal(s)? I know it would be difficult to pick just one, but what are your top ones? I want to bolster my patch with some Moragnes and here is my list of cuttings that I am starting: Bill, Jean, Kimi, Katie, Mary, #23, #93, and what MPG calls Red Moragne. I have searched this forum to decide on this list, what are your thoughts?

For characteristics, starting at most important: fragrance (strength/unique), flower size, flower color, flower keeping quality, and branch growth pattern (lanky, stout, thick, thin etc.)

Also, im in so calif 9a and these will be potted-for now ;)


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Moragne plumeria are outstanding in so many ways. I've got a several of them (multiples of some varieties) and I'm so stoked on these plants that I'm always looking to buy more of the same so I can have more blooming ....they are that good!

My choices (so far) and note that I'm in Ventura, California (beach town with cool/mild temps all year)

Kimi for the massive ball of flowers it produces, that last forever and have nice scent.

Jeannie for the huge flowers with an insane smell.

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wow! nice pic uglyhair! i agree with your choices. i have seen conflicting info on whether jean=jeannie=jeannie jr. and jean is different from jeannie/jeannie jr. are they all the same or similar?

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I am still looking for Mary and Sally Moragne. Have Katie, Jeannie, #23, a suppose to be Kimi...they are all wonderful. roxanne

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As I understand things, Jean and Jeannie Jr. are different plants. My Jean Moragne plumeria has yet to bloom for me.

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If you got it from Gordon blooming, most likely he calls it Jeannie 2...says it is better than regular Jean Moragne....

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I've got a Kimi from Fuzzy and it's one of my favorites, just gorgeous.

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My fav of the M's remains #23, but I don't have them all. I -need- a Kimi, I think.

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Phalanx, your list is very heavy on the pink Moragnes so how about one of the other colors? My first Moragne, and the only one to bloom for me so far, is Edi.

I chose Edi despite the fact that I don't like white or cream flowers because of her awesome bloom shape and size, then found that her scent is one of the best. And she's super hardy with thick branching and huge perfect leaves.

Here she is last year:

Now she will get big, though, like this one in Kauai:

Totally worth it!

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That tree is amazing!

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Jeannie - my favorite Moragne, and possibly favorite plumeria, period. Great size, scent, shape, colors may change but look amazing regardless of the temperature. Good bloomer. All around amazing. Stunning flower.

Bill - small beautiful rainbow flowers in huge inflos. What a sight. And the grape Koolaid scent cracks me up, it's great. My second favorite Moragne.

Tie between Katie and Kimi - both amazing - color, scent, the works.

One of the most beautiful plumeria trees I've ever seen was a Mary Moragne. What a great flower, and spectacular on the tree. Don't remember scent as I was too busy staring at the tree.

I saw a Sally Moragne tree once that was amazingly beautiful. Tree even nicer than the flower, I thought - and the flower was beautiful. It was a sight to see. I'd love one of these trees.

And jandey, you were right about Edi. My favorite white/yellow (with hint of pink). There is something special about that flower.

Grainy is amazing, although I'm unsure where it fits it the family. But the Grainy at Upland Nursery is amazingly beautiful.

Like 93 (confused about 93, Red and Reddish). Not as much as the others, though. Same with 23, although it's a wonderful plumie, too. Julie was nice. Never seen a Cyndi live, but it looks great in pics. I had a Cathy Moragne, but it died before it bloomed. And don't forget my Joe Bob Moragne, which was sold to me as a Moragne, but I'm pretty sure it's not (though I love Joe Bob just the same as if he were family).

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thanks for your help uglyhair, rox, disneyhorse, and moonie! this helps me to know im on the right track. ill probably try to collect them all anyway, you know how it goes :D.... it seems some have trees that haven't bloomed yet and im wondering if the Moragne family is stingy on blooms or if the timing is coincidental.

jandey-thanks for your input, i didn't realize my list was so pink,...i will definitely add Edi to my clan. Those pictures are terrific, thanks for sharing! Is Edi sort of a creamy yellow, like English custard or the flesh of an over-ripe banana(sorry that's the best description) or is Edi more lemon yellow? Im trying to find a yellow that is more custard-yellow :D as i have yellows that are brilliant lemon yellow and yellow ochre.
What does Edi smell like?

SimiDude-thank you for your detailed descriptions, they help me out a lot! i love the grape koolaid scent on Bill too, that was my first intro to moragnes and i haven't looked back haha...is the grainy moragne on Upland the one that is labeled G.M. in cuttings? the flower looks stunning so i believe this one is the grainy moragne...based on everyone's replies thus far, i think i will need to get two Jeannies and two Kimis..looks like the new surfboard budget is going to get raided.....sigh....

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Edi is definitely a creamy yellow with a darker yellow starburst center, and some of the thickest petals out there. They get over 4 inches wide, too.

The scent is a floral/vanilla/coconut scent, very intoxicating and one of my top five plumie scents. The only thing I don't love about her is the height I know she's going to reach, LOL! But with certain flowers like Edi and Jeannie you put up with the height for the size, scent and beauty of the blooms!

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GM should be Grainy Moragne.

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Forgot to include this pic of a spent bloom off that big HI tree:

Did I mention how big the blooms are? :)

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Thanks SimiDude, I will eventually get a Grainy M too, the flower looks amazing. I need to also go get a sniff of one this summer at upland.

jandey-thank you for your description and the pic..it looks nice to me even as a spent flower. Im stoked to hear it has a vanilla fragrance along with coconut..I will be waiting in great anticipation on Edi

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Good to know about the G.M.! I saw a lot of them at Upland last weekend, and although there is almost no scent, those inflos are amazing! GM is on my want list. I was wondering what GM stood for.

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