Looking for seeds

bubba121605(7 N MS)May 21, 2013

I was wondering if anyone had any extra seeds from giant jalapeños or some super hot varieties. I want to try different kinds but can't afford to buy a bunch of packs (wife would shoot me LOL). If anyone has any extras my email is bubba121605@gmail.com Thanks

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Buy one fresh ripe (some color other than green) pepper at the store. Eat the pepper, plant the seeds. You don't have to do anything special to the seeds. If the pepper is ripe, the seeds will probably grow.

Several Jalapeno varieties are hybrids, and their seeds may not grow true to the pepper they came from. I'm not really up on all my jalapenos, so don't know which ones specifically. Just something to be aware of.

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You are scoping for seeds in late-May, and expect to actually receive free seeds, germinate them, and get a harvest of ripe peppers this year?

Good luck with that...

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bubba121605(7 N MS)

Don't I have to dry the seeds? I am doing a indoor grow under lights so time of year doesn't matter. LOL

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bubba121605(7 N MS)

I will buy seeds if someone has a variety at a good price I'm just looking to get a good selection of super hots and jalapeño.

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bubba, send me an email. Go to my page and you should see my email address. If you have the right setup of grow lights and a warm place or heating pad for germination, you can grow any time of year, like you said.

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bubba121605(7 N MS)

jifjifjif you have mail. I have a pretty good setup I use a 2' 8 light T5 for germination and veg and I have 2 1000 watt lights for blooming one mh and one hps.I will be using #5 nursery pots my own soil mix.

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Sounds like quite the setup if you are interested in some more varieties shoot me an email


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howelbama(7 NJ)


Not for nothing, but I like how you stated how your wife would kill you for buying some seeds... But you are growing under a monster indoor setup lol... How's the electic bill treating you ?

P.s. I'm just messin with you, but thought that was a little funny...

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bubba121605(7 N MS)

Yea its nice but was expensive. I usually grow tomatos in drip systems but really love peppers so i have space and plenty of light so im expanding. The peppers will be in a soil mix and i think im going with Age Old organics grow bloom and kelp nutrients. I was going to mix ferts in the soil but im just going with a simple soil mix and fert myself and see how things go.

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bubba121605(7 N MS)

The electric bill when im running everthing usually goes up about $150 a month but thats air pumps water pumps both 1000 watters with the air cooled hood fan a/c floor fans and the T5 running. Usually i only run 1 1000 hps with a agrosun bulb and the T5 which only makes the bill go up around $75 more cause the a/c works less and the other 1000 is off. I need to get some new digital ballast i hear they run more efficiently.

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Bubba .....welcome to the forum....consider adding your location to your posts

I'll make a couple Jalapeno suggestions:

Grande Hybrid......long....typical Jalapeno heat 5,000 SU

Chichimeca Hybrid.....long.....Mild Jalapeno heat 3,500

Jalapeno M.....Extra-Hot......standard Jalapeno-size.....The Jalapeno peppers in the front two pots are M's

and finally.......
Fresno.....Hot.....4" Chilie-shaped....when Green 6,000 SU....Red 10,000 SU

I've got seeds available for these....see my profile for email......Doug


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Seeds sent...............doug

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Very nice plants, Abnorm. I am thinking to try next year. I am curious about your potting soil.

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bubba121605(7 N MS)

Thank you and yes I'm also curious about the potting mix.

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naturemitch(3/4 WI)

nice set-up abnorm. what size are those buckets, and why do you have them set up off the ground? just curious.

looks great!

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Thanks .........

I use a version of the infamous 511 for my grow media.......I have a souce of great PineBarkFines that I use without sifting ......Coarse Perlite ......and usually a peat-based potting soil for the final "peat" portion........Osmocote CRF .......Lime......And this year I added MILORGANITE (High Nitrogen processed sludge). The plants have florished this year......I have always been shy about adding TOO much nitrogen but maybe I was actually starving them.

Originally I started with buckets on the ground........Large plants and windy conditions often led to tipped plants......also my small city lot is surrounded by large trees.....some with invasive roots seeking my highly fertilized buckets. As I get older I welcome the ease of care resulting from the raised buckets and I see far less bugs. The stucture also allows additional support for a heavy producer.......

I start with two posts set in the ground and notch those posts to firmly hold a support cross member.......Two "ladders" are built and attached on opposite sides of the posts balanced on the supports.....of course the "ladders" are built to the exact size of the buckets.....

Those (dollar store) black pots are only 3 Gallon and came with poly-rope handles.....their wide lip made a natural hanger.....I could never find the same pot again so I standardized on a cat-litter-bucket that also holds 3 Gallons.
These disposable buckets have only a small lip so construction needs to be accurate.....Here's a nice Aji Amarillo in a litter bucket in a newer structure


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