Anyone heard of mail order palm trees

ClevelandGreenThumbSeptember 11, 2013

Hello... While scouring the Internet for a nursery that ships large palm trees, I came across Unfortunately I cannot find any information about this company such as reviews, feedback, etc.

They sell palm trees of ALL sizes which is hard to come by! But I'm not ready to fork over $200 for a 7' Foxtail without trusting the company taking my money.

Has anyone ever heard of them? Bought from them? Have any advise?

Lastly... Does anyone know a good company that ships large palm trees at reasonable prices? I live in The cold north and want a palm tree in my living room before winter!!


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Never heard of them, but their pics are identical to TyTy for many of them. They are also not on the garden watchdog site (google gardenwatchdog), it won't allow me to post the link here), which is very odd, considering every mail order website in the world is on it. TyTy also does not appear because of some nonsense legal stuff and the overwhelmingly negative reviews. TyTy has had several shadow companies over the years and they are almost universally reviled because of blatant lies, misrepresentations, and poor quality, high prices and terrible service. They all share the same pics between the sites too, although there are some differences. I wouldn't trust this one unless you can verify that it is not affiliated with TyTy in any way and get feedback from actual customers, not some scammer from TyTy. Be wary! I'd be inclined to stop into the nursery in person first.

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Big red flag. Phone number comes up listed in Virginia which is also connected to a landscaping company. They say they have been in business for over28 years with no reviews. At best this guy is a reseller of Florida palms.

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Thanks! I didn't even think of TyTy behind it.. But your argument makes complete sense! I did email the company and was told they are a broker, so they don't even see the plants! What is even more weird is that they say they fill up the semi for deliveries and it could take up to 6-10 weeks for delivery?!?! How is that possible?!

I will pass on them.. Since I can't visit them.

Do you know any reputable (and reasonably priced) online nursery's that sell 6' Christmas or Foxtail palms?

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I wouldn't be surprised if you have several local garden centers that bring them in cheaply every year. We have quite a few in the area that bring in foxtails and Christmas palms that size or bigger and they sell for $100-150. They also will carry large queens, bizzies, and other stuff too. They can bring them up from Florida for dirt cheap. Call around, a lot of nurseries would likely order them for you as well whenever they place their order from places they can get palms. I've had several nurseries bring in special order stuff, they're more than happy to do it if they're already placing an order with the same company anyway. People love to landscape with large tropical palms, so it's becoming increasingly more common for nurseries to bring these in. Plus, local shops have to do something to compete with the big box, so they have to distinguish themselves.

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I hate to give a good word to the big box stores but I got my foxtail ( about 4 ft ) in florida for 15 bucks at Lowes and sent it home for another 20 so 35 invested total. find a nice person in florida willing to send one up to you or do like Brad said and call a few nurserys. some around me have been gettting christmas palms in regularly in the summer months for cheap. Where are you located?

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Mike... I'm in Cleveland OH.. I do have a friend in Orlando who drives home from time to time.. But hasn't found a 5' tall Xmas palm.. Or maybe he is just feeding me a line?! Lol

I found a triple trunk one at a garden center over the weekend for $119 and is 5-6' tall.. I just think the price is kinda high, but might have no other option?

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That actually sounds like a pretty good price. Even in Florida, a triple that size would probably cost $70 or $80 maybe more. If you're not willing to spend that much, I've seen 3-4' foxes for $40, almost got one for $20 once, but it looked like crap which is why they were willing to part with it for $20.

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Good News... I caved in and bought my Adonidia today! Well worth the $130!

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Carlincooling(fl 10b)

Cleveland green thumb ....I rip about 150 of those a year that grow wild in the mulch. Ive got hundreds of Cuban royal palms, teddy bear palms,travelers palms, montgomery palms, coconut palms just sprouting everywhere. Most of the time I spray roundup on them there are so many of them. Lol

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Carlincooling(fl 10b)

I guess I just take them for granted.

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