margowicz(8/9 UK)August 15, 2013

I was wondering how would/do you's deal with cutworms it seams I have several about I moved some pots and there they were I might have more probably do I was wondering is there anything I can use to get rid of them from the lawn where I think they are.

A big thank you in advance

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Diatomaceous Earth and predatory nematodes are 2 ways. The only time I HAD troubles with them is wrapping around and snipping SEEDLINGS at the soil level.

What I do NOW is every seedling gets 2-3 toothpicks right next to the stalk. By the time they decompose, the plant has a stalk large enough that the cutworms can't harm them. Haven't lost a seedling to cutworms since I started doing this.


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Cutworms are the larva of any of several moth species, dirty, greasy brown looking caterpillars that usually curl up when dug out of the soil. I have not seen them lurking under pots before although they probably could. There are poisons, when applied at the proper time, that may aid in control and will also kill other, beneficial, soil insects.

Here is a link that might be useful: About cutworms

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margowicz(8/9 UK)

Yeah that is what I got they are in the holes of the pots and when lifted they are there and fall out looks like they are under the pots but looked more closely today and they are where the holes are.

They are attacking soft herbs I got coriander parsley fennel lemon balm and chamomile.

I think they are attacking a rosemary plant I have its roots the plant was fine then it started turning yellow anyway I didn't think to much of it read about might have had a nitrogen diffencey so replanted it with slow release plant feed (micracle grow) and gave it a liquid feed but looked at its root system found something I did not know so asked on here and got back it was a cutworm anyway I removed it thinking great it only one put the plant up the yellow stopped so thought it was ok put it back down now the yellow is back and I am finding cut worms all over so I think these are the problem.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

As for the rosemary, yellowing to me would first signal overwatering, they need some moisture but soil on the dry side. And, you don't want to give it or any or your herbs too much love:). Avoid regular doses of fertilizer; they do better grown in 'lean' soil. When I fertilize (which isn't often) I like a water soluble product for containers and never mix it more than half strength of the package directions.

There are all type cut worms, not just those that go after seedlings. There are cutworms that feed on lawn grass, and we are blessed to have climbing cutworms here that can take entire rhododendron leaves down to mid vein in one night.
They do like to hide anyplace dark and cooler, like the drainage holes under your pots, under those stacks of bagged compost, any leaf litter or debris in your garden. Try going out at night with a flashlight and pair of old scissors, your oldest pruners, when they are out and feeding - look for them in areas where you've seen damage. DH cleans and sharpens my garden tools, and will always say, I don't know how you get this pitch buildup always on this pair of pruners (not my felcos, just a generic inexpensive brand) - and I don't tell him those are the ones I've been snipping cutworms in half with.

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margowicz(8/9 UK)

Sorry it taken me a while write back been away for a while, I don't think the rosemary have a mositure problem I had a while problem with powdery mildew so when I planted these I used 4 oarts loam soil 3 sharp sand and 2 grit it that bad to water them I have to put them in a bucket water for a while lol

I'll sort it for next year to cold now what I have been reading they will be going into hibernation soon and when I re-plant these for the spring next year I'll look at them and get some nematodes for the lawn.

Thanks for the advice with the flashlight I have a look when I get a minute :D

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