What's your favourite palm

garyirynaSeptember 27, 2010

What's your fav Palm?

For me it depends where it's planted.

For beach front, the Coconut

For Pool Side, Ptychosperma Elegans and

Christmas palm.

Overal best palm or palms are:- Carpoxylon Macrosperma, Areca dwarf

Betal nut,

Street side planting, the Cuban Royal.

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I love royals and coconut palms! I also like Sealing wax palms and licuala.

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Any palm that will grow on my property.

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For me it's royals and coconuts. They both scream "tropics" and they really grow fast in the right conditions.

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Unlike most, I tend to be a Sabal Guy. I enjoy growing other native palms equally as well, such as Saw Palmettos and Needle Palms. As far as non native palms go, I like Euros, Windmills & Bizmarkias.

It's not that I don't like the more tropical palms, it's just that where I live, out in the country, they look a little odd with the surrounding landscapes and with the style of my home.

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With Sabals, I like the Bermuda palm. I just love feather palms, helps create the feeling of tropics. I like the windmill palm, a real Tough guy, but tropical palms are number one for me. Dypsis Teddy Bear palm with it's White trunk, Royals the king of all palms. Satakentia a real gem, Dypsis Orange Crush with it's orange trunk, Dypsis Sant-Luci is a gem too. The Dypsis Decaryi ( Triangle Palm) great palm too. Coconuts Are king of the beach. I hear that the Hyophorbe (Bottle) I hear is great for beach front too. Might try it when we retire to Carribean.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

The coconut palms are my favorite for the beach.My all around favorite palm family is the Phoenix palms,CIDP being the best looking one in that family.Next is the Butia palms.I like the pinnate palms better than the palmate palms,but there is not a lot of pinnate palms that will live here.I do like a few palmate palms like Bismarckia nobilis and Trachycarpus Princeps and a few others.

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

My most favorite is the king palm (Archonophoenix). It looks very pretty and tropical. Does pretty well in California for a crownshaft palm. Fast-growing. And they're self-cleaning. Can't wait for them to dominate over all the queen palms here. :)

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i have so many favorites, Brahea's, phoenix, Trachycarpus, Livistona's! but i to am a Sabal lover. i think i have 8 or 9 different ones & still adding!

Trithrinax Campestris(blue needle palm) & Trithrinax Brasiliensis(brazilian needle palm) are other favs along with Bismarckias & Mexican fan palm. AHAIL i like them & want them all!

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Very hard to pick a favorite. It really depends on the intended site. So, here are the categories and plants I'd like to nominate:

Best indoor palm: Rhapis palm (first prize); Kentia (second prize)

Best outdoor tropical: Cuban royal

Best cold hardy: Trachycarpus fortunei (palmate); Butia capitata (pinnate)

Best arid climate grower: Phoenix (pinnate category), Washintonia (palmate cat.)

Best indoor/outdoor containerized palm for a tropical effect: Queen palm (These guys make any yard a island oasis!!) Plus, they are quite cold hardy.

But, if I had to select only one, it would be the Trachycarpus. There is something about palms in the snow that is magical.

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Love the areca's- vestiaria, catechu or guppyana.

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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

Pheonix dactyliphera v. Barhi (Barhee) when the fruit has just turned from yellow to soft and golden brown and is full of dibbs syrup --- oh my!
and for ornamental, Washingtonia Filifera with a full beard.

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Cocos nucifera... Copernicia baileyana
Pilou / http://asie.online.fr/palmiers/index-palmiers.html

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Well, i guess I'll read up on bontanical names, but here's my favorites so far because they're doing well for me! (All indoors for the winter, of course)
I have 2 queen palms, about 15 ft. tall, this will be their second winter inside, doing very well.
Maybe my fav. even though it's new, a small cat palm that I got at WalMart for five bucks, growing like a weed.
European fan palm, did great in the sun this summer.
2 majesty palms, 1 small and one about 7 ft., i personally think they make great houseplants.
I love them all and am looking forward to expanding.

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I like them all, but I prefer to have a lot of Phoenix species in the yard. I enjoy growing coconuts palms as a hobby, as they don't do so well here.

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cfa_li(z7/8 Queens, NY)

I like them all but if I had to pick one it'd be a tie between the Washingtonias and the Sabal Palmetto.

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Which ever one I am looking at ........

at the time(-:

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I just love these kinds of questions! My favorite is the Phoenix rupicola. Photo and more information on mine at the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brad's Tropical Paradise

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trachyhead(z8b SE England)

probably Caryota no...simply awesome palms as is the entire genus.

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