Inflos before leaves

konatikiJune 24, 2010

Here is a picture of a cutting I planted on 5/11/10 and it looks like inflos are poping out before the leaves. Is this ok and from the looks of this cutting should I start to water it? I only watered it the day I planted it. 38 days ago.

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It's not uncommon for an inflo to develop on a cutting. You just want to make sure that the foliage continues to develop. If it doesn't you want to remove the inflo so the energy can be directed to foliage and root development. That one looks healthy and I'd leave the inflo unless things change and the foliage stops growing. Don't water yet as I doubt there's any roots. You can mist the tip. Why is that cutting growing sideways? I'd also move the gravel away from the base of the stems so they don't burn.

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The cutting I received must have been growning out sideways and up to the sun, so it is bent like that.You can see what I'm saying on the left side of this picture. So I though I would try and root the whole thing and not cut it up.

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In the picture it's the one in the back on the left. You can see how base is upright and the tip's are sideways.

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That one really is sideways! Maybe Bill can tell you if it's possible to straighten it. I've straightened curved stems before but none were that severe.

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Yeah all plumerias seem to have a tendency to curve a little but that one looks like its growing upside down! Its probably not a problem though but when it does get leaves i would keep it out of too much wind if possible.

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Your group photo of 20 looks great konatiki. As you become more addicted to growing plumerias, I know that number will surely change.

From my experience, Celedine is a tough plumeria and leaving the inflo on while it is rooting is okay. The ones that you pay good money for, I would cut off the inflo and just concentrate on the rooting process. Seeing the bloom is exciting, but to watch it slowly dying right before your eyes is horrifying. Have fun and happy rooting!!


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Here is a better picture of the cutting.

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That's not nearly as curved as I thought it was in the first pic and the main stem can be slowly straightened. You just need to gradually train it using a stake on the convex side of the curve. Tie it tightly against a stake at the bottom of the bend and gradually add more ties higher up on the stem until it's finally straight. If you don't it's possible that as it grows the weight will increase the bend. Maybe nothing will happen if you don't straighten it. I'm not sure but I'd probably try to straighten the main stem.

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Thanks karyn1. I will try that once it's rooted which I hope will be soon 8)

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

The cutting is curved because it was likely taken further down on the mother plant where the branches were sweeping outward and upward toward the light. It's a natural shape. I would not worry about straightening the curve until next summer at the earliest. Right now you want to concentrate on getting those things well rooted.

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