Those incorrigible Chipmunks!

badeAugust 2, 2011

Things have been hot, really hot. Hot and dry lately. Nearly everything in my yard has been eaten by animals just looking for any moisture at all. The deer are even eating the MONKSHOOD (but that's a different story). So last Friday I looked out the window at a Rose of Sharon hedge out there and it was moving. . . something brown in there. Was it a Carolina Wren - what on earth is it doing? NO it's a chipmunk - 6 ft. off the ground on a really flimsy branch eating the seed pods! I watched for a full half hour as the critter worked its way up the bush, trying desperately to hang on to the springy branches eating as many seed pods as it could reach!! So funny! Then, today I saw the same thing again. I am going to have to find my video camera. This one is just priceless.

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My neighbor has trapped 16 Chipmunks in her yard this summer and relocated them all to a nearby park.


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