Chinese fan palm (Livistona chinensis)

fin2ya(4)September 14, 2012

I bought my first chinese fan palm 2 weeks ago. When I brought it to my home first thing I do I put a few drops of extra virgin coconut oil and dish soap to the warm water. I cleaned the whole plant with the cotton patch. It was a little dirty but no bugs. 4 hours job :D

Then I put it in the shower. Soil was little dry. Next, I set the palm insulation for weeks. Check again. Everything was Ok. Now palm leaves are dark green and fresh. I really love this palm. It is so beautiful. I am very excited about this plant. The winter it lives in my living room with 2 coconut palm and another house plant.

I hope you will clear my text. My English is not very good but I try and learn.

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Beautiful, just do not use sink water right away, dissolve low % vinegar in water, kill carbonhidrates before watering, and keep water in container for at least a day to make chlorine vapoorated.

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Livistonia's are one of my favorite palms! Mine survives year long outdoors in New York City, but I do protect it during the winter. Usually it gets some damage during the winter even with protection, but the fronds grow back quickly and really beautifully. Your palm looks great! They do good indoors and outdoors too!
Thanks for sharing!

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Update. It is a little bigger than 10 months ago. Gorgeous. I really love it. In winter, just a little water and a lot of spray in the morning. Fan to take care of air circulation.

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