Poor growth

PepperNoobMay 29, 2012

I have eight plants. Four of them are hot peppers, two banana pepper and two bell pepper. I have 3 or 4 peppers growing on the banana pepper plant and the rest of the pods have fallen off. On my chile pepper plants it is looking like with all four combined I could be looking at anywhere from 50 to a 100 peppers.They are all in containers get around the same amount of sun and water. They are planted in potting soil.My question is why are all my hot pepper plants growing so much better than the sweet peppers plants? first picture is the banana and second super chile.



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Also sorry about the pictures I am not very good with posting pictures yet.This is the best I can do right now. Thank you for any help.


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If you add a greater than sign, your pictures should show up in your post.

Here they are:

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Hot peppers are generally much easier to grow and tend to than sweet peppers. Do you use any fertilizer? If you dont i recommend going out and buying some "triple 12" the bag says twelve-twelve-twelve. apply this once every other week and water in well. don't allow it to touch the stem of the plant of the leaves. Sweet bell peppers are much more common to have bugs and parasites try to eat them. I recommend getting some things for keeping bugs off plants. If the plants continue to have the pods fall off i would recommend taking them inside at night and leaving them outside during the sunlight hours. Water them thoroughly and then allow them to dry out for a full 24 hours before watering them again. Goodluck!

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I did use some miracle grow last week. The liquid kind you mix with water. The plant is growing new leaves now but no pods yet. The thing is I used miracle grow potting soil and it says on the bag "feeds plants for six months". So I did not plan on using fertelizer but I went and bought some and decided to give it a try. I will look into triple 12 as well.

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My mistake it is the powder kind you mix with water.

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Miracle grow works good as well, i still prefer using triple 12. You can use miracle grow, just make sure you avoid getting it on the leaves as this can sometimes damage the plant.

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