colossal pepper

borderokie(7)October 5, 2013

just wondered if anyone has planted this pepper and what you think of it. Did parks early thickset this year and liked them a lot. But we can no longer get seeds for those. so looking for something as thick walled and good producer. Thanks Sheila

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I'm assuming being that you mention Parks you are asking about the Colossal Bell Pepper? I ask because I grow two different Colossal NM Chiles also. If it is the bell pepper you are asking about. Here they were a nice pepper but not a heavy producer when I grew them. I know I have grown them at least two times. They were large but not any bigger than a few others I have grown. My memory is failing me this morning. I will try to look back at my notes and post the names of a few I like better. And production might be better in a different climate. My climate is harsh and many plants don't do well here. Jay

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