Some pics from (today)2-24-10

jimhardySeptember 24, 2010

Here are a few pics I took today,still trying to nail down the Banana species-should be easier now.(-:

Sorry you guys,east and south-we have all your rain and the ferns are loving it.


Hopefully my princeps gets another leaf before protection-

I need to get a better picture of the Purple Castor's seed pods,the are really beautiful!


Ligules/trunk fibers of palm originally sold as "Takil"

Cactus plants

Banana flowering(-:

Thai giant is getting shredded by the change to fall weather-

still flowering away!

Rajapuri is a picture of health and has

blown right out of it's lower leaves which are still green!

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That should be 9-24 -10

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Beautiful pics! Everything is doing fantastic!!!! I knew that one of those banana plants would flower for you! Which one is in bloom?
Hopefully the plants continue to grow for at least another month, but it seems like they really got a ton of growth since spring!
Thanks for sharing!

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knotz(8/PNW SWWA)

VERY VERY nice Jim!!!..Love the pictures :)

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Hey Jim - you are right - y'all have ALL the rain :) Maybe next year we can all get some. Take a page from our current president and "spread the wealth" haha (I guess it is a good idea for something after all ;)

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Dang Jim! You have a lot of banana digging to do this fall. What kind of banana is that that's flowering? Mine are 9 feet tall and still not flowering. And I'm jealous that your Thai Giant is still in the ground. I had to dig mine up because the leaves were getting way too beat up where I had it planted. Your Aloifolia is growing like crazy too!

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The one flowering is actually the smallest plant,the one
in the pic with the Abyssinian and Thai giant,closest to the porch support post.

My TG is taking a beating too but still growing well,not sure what to do with it-
yea,the Aloifolia can easily grow 2' a year!

Can you guys see the cute little bananas in the last close up of the bloom?

Very cool!

The pups of this one are bigger than it!-
Hopefully next year there will be more and they'll flower sooner!

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Wow, Even your smallest banana plant is still very tall!! I do see the tiny banana fruits coming and they look like they are developing very normally so far which is really great to see! I also love your Thailand giant elephant ear even if it is being ripped a bit! It definitely lives up to its name!

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It looks amazing. i really like the purple Castor beans i'm going to try to grow them next year

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Somebody asked how big the Thai giant is,I went by the house today and it is about 6' tall!
Another 3+" of rain in the last 4 days but dry for the next
ten-hopefully,the Trachys love it!

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Killer pics. Those cacti and agave are sweet. Looks like a young yucca rostrata in there to. Very nice.

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Yea,that was a very small Y.rostrata when I planted
it,it has done well and gets more hardy every year!

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Jim,Everything looks like it's still growing well.Castors have some strange looking seeds.What kind of Agave is that in the 8Th picture,behind the bottle?It looks like the same kind I have.A lady gave me a pup off her big plant but she didn't know the name of it,they multiply like crazy.Hopefully you'll get enough warm see green bananas :)

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Bottle laying next to it-Agave Parryi
Bottle standing next to it-Agave Havardiana

Maybe mid 30s(or less?) here over the weekend

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