Biggest Pindo in Delaware

wetsuiter(7b/8a)September 18, 2012

Well John in NJ kinda stole the thunder with his amazing pindo, but Rick and I went to check on what we believe is the biggest pindo in The First State. I've seen this from a distance, but the other day, Rick's clients were outside and waved us over. This pindo is part of a landscape plan he installed in South Bethany Beach in 2007. This pindo does get winter wrapped and Christmas lights for added warmth. The trunk is easily 2' thick and 4' tall, with a crown of fronds reaching 10' to 12' tall.

South Bethany neighborhoods are famous for their tidal canals linking a series of inland bays and salt ponds.

One final shot of another pindo in the neighborhood. Thanks for viewing.

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Wow, that is an awesome pindo palm! I cant wait for mine to reach that size one day, although I'll probably have to chop a tree or 2 down in the process!
Thanks for sharing!

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prinbama(Alabama 7b-8a)

That's beautiful, can't wait for mine to look like that. So far it's about a foot of trunk.

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Great palm and such a beautiful area!

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Thanks, guys. These neighborhoods of South Bethany are well hidden from the tourists. They're about a half mile inland, away from the tourist areas of the beach front. The combination of the proximity to the ocean yet being set back from cold winter winds, the canals and nearby bays and canopy of loblolly pines really gives this area the best microclimate along our coast.

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