Help ID palm please!

jcara7September 24, 2013

Hey everyone! Have a lot of palms back home but I'm away at school right now. My parents bought me this small palm for my dorm and was wondering if anyone can ID it. Tough for me to tell because it so young. I'm guessing either a parlor or Areca. If I can remember correctly I could have sworn the tag said Areca but I tossed it and can't remember. Wondering what you guys think. Thanks!!!

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One more

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looks like a bunch of Chamaedorea elegans to me (maybe a couple dozen)... not just a single palm, though.

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Looks like a Chamaedora Cataractum or Cat Palm.

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I agree with Lzrddr, they look like C. elegans to me (aka Parlor Palm). Usually cat palms don't clump at such a young age (the fronds are definitely not fully mature yet on this palm), but clumping together a bunch of parlor palms is definitely common to see in the nursery trade.
They are a lot easier to care for indoors than C. cateractum. I don't think I could think of a better palm for a dorm!
Good luck!

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