Snapdragon rust

jitsmith(5)August 22, 2014

It's been a relatively cool wet Summer here, and I have to water my new flower beds from overhead - and my Snapdragons, both Rocket and Sonnet from a garden center and an OP seed-grown mix from Diane's Seeds, have developed rust.

My plan cutting off all diseased stuff I can see, bagging and disposing. Then hit it with Neem oil, and continue spraying every 7 days. I'll still have to overhead water this year but will install drip for next year. Hope is to keep them for a while this year, they're setting some nice blooms second time around.

There's a 5'x8' raised island in front that I want to mass Snaps in, there's 18 in there now and most have some rust. I had planned to let them seed, supplement with WS seedlings for next year. Now it sounds like I should get rid of all of the plants,/seeds and start it over.

Am I missing anything? I really want a mass of Snaps in front, and hope that I can nip this problem this year and not have it linger; we're normally hot and dry in Summer, and with drip irrigation I think I should be okay?

I've grown Snaps before but only in containers, this is my first yr playing in the dirt.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

Am I missing anything?

==>> i dont know if i would go thru all that.. in what is basically september ...

even if they recover in say ... 2 to 3 weeks.. then it will almost be october ...

perhaps it is time to rip them out.. plan for next year.. and stick a few mums/viola in there.. for fall interest ...

with temps and sunshine in decline.. no matter what you do ... they arent going to bounce back with a lot of vigor ...

i look forward to how warmer zone peeps would deal with it ... but z5 CO isnt such ...

a zone 5 lament at the link ...


ps: planning for next year.. would involve sticking the ripped out plants .. upside down.. in a paper bag.. and drying them.. and collecting the seed.. if you want to grow your own seed ...

pps: my concept of the calender is a bit off.. lol.. but i am sure you understand what i am trying to say ... as to the season ....

Here is a link that might be useful: Oh, it's a long long while From May to December But the days grow short When you reach September When the autumn weather Turns leaves to flame One hasn't got time For the waiting game Oh, the days dwindle down To a precious few September, November And these few precious days I'll spend with you These precious days I'll spend with you Oh, the days dwindle down To a precious few September, November And these few precious days I'll spend with you These precious days I'll spend with you These precious days I'll spend with you Songwriters ANDERSON, MAXWELL/WEILL, KURT Published by Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc. Read more: Willie Nelson - September Song Lyrics : MetroLyrics

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Ken, what on earth have you been smoking?

Smith, I believe that you'll be better off ripping up the plants and getting rid of everything. Since you still have overhead irrigation, it will be exceedingly difficult to prevent the disease from spreading. Don't save the seed from infested plants.....that's important.

Get rid of every bit of plant matter and the old mulch, too. If I were determined to grow snapdragons, a susceptible plant, I'd consider tracking down a chemical fungicide that might help control it. Might.

Be sure to seek out disease resistant varieties, though even that won't guarantee a disease free season next year. Be sure that you do not overcrowd your plants next year. Q

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My newbie optimism met reality this am when I found that the rust had spread basically all the way up all the plants.

I found 1 seed-grown that was okay, and several small ones scattered throughout my back border, checked carefully and sprayed - BTW, how do you spray undersides of leaves?

The infected ones were pulled, put in plastic bag, sealed and put in trash. Three Mums bought, planted, then I read your replies. Ahhh, timing!

The island was previously filled with Euonymous (sp?) that had been so long neglected it looked like a monk's tonsure, dead in center, and some vinca minor. I took almost all out, added some compost and planted late, hoped for best, got somewhat less. Learning experience.

rhizo - sounds like you think the soil is irretrieveably contaminated, but I'm gonna pass on anything non-organic, thx. Will try some supposed resistant strains, but I've seen Rocket listed as rust-resistant and it raced up mine like a rocket on launch.

Still gonna try next year, think I might have had a perfect storm of bad luck/practices this year - spacing might have been the only thing I didn't screw up.

I'll finish up digging out the bed, add a really good compost layer, plant Snaps from new WS seeds, probably put a few small groups of Plains Coreopsis in for mid-season color, use drip irrigation and hope for better results. Only the second year trying to revive this area, so not too worried. If I get hit badly next year it will Plan B (no idea).

Thx guys


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Bob, I absolutely do NOT think that the soil is contaminated. But the fungal spores can persist in any mulch that you may have applied to the top of the soil. Removal of the mulch (not the soil) is simply a normal garden housekeeping task. Part of a good IPM program.

I'm with you on avoiding certain chemicals. I only suggested a chemical fungicide because you have your heart set on growing a susceptible plant in an area that has been contaminated with an aggressive, host specific fungus. Odds aren't good in your favor, Bob. :-(

But I admit that I've avoided snaps for years because of rust. Maybe some new, tough cultivars have been introduced. Good luck, snaps are so pretty; I appreciate how much you want to grow them successfully.

You don't need to spray the underside of the plant for rust coverage is fine. But let me answer your question about how to spray the underside of foliage.

I use a (Solo) sprayer that has a nozzle attachment that will deflect the spray up when I hold the wand down at the base of the plant. I think that several brands of small sprayers have a deflection attachment. It's an important feature.

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Thx rhizo, think I figured out my confusion - I didn't mulch. Normally don't, even tho we're dry here. After strolling down the block and checking out a stand of snaps planted in mulch I know was new this year - also infected - I may revise my plans and my idea of a "mass planting" downward to a few trios and see how they do next year.

Real thanks for the spraying tip - I figured there had to be something but had no idea what to look for.

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