A little experiment

spiroanJune 26, 2013

Many of you know I've been growing seeds lately. So, I thought I would tell you about my little experiment. I ordered seeds from Brad's (5 different varieties), and I ended up getting way more seeds than I thought I would.

So, I planted half of them in a potting soil/perlite mixture on May 14th.

Of that batch:
76% germinated
9 days was the quickest one
average days to germinate was a little over 12
last one germinated in 23 days

The other half, I planted in a pot with regular garden soil in it (taken from my garden), because I was too cheap to buy more potting soil. These seeds were planted on May 31st (about 2 1/2 weeks later)

Of that batch so far:

59% have germinated
Earliest was in 17 days
Average days to germinate was 22 days
Last (so far) to germinate was in 25 days

The batches were placed in virtually the same place in my yard, and received about the same amount of moisture (not a lot, except for the initial watering). The second batch got a little more heat, as it has been in the mid-90s lately in DFW. So, I'm assuming the soil was the difference.

Anyway, I've been hearing about how important the right mix is when growing plumeria. And I just wanted everyone to know, at least from my experience, there was a pronounced difference between the potting mix/perlite soil mixture and regular garden soil. Maybe it could've been the extra 2 weeks before I planted the seeds (as I've heard the fresher seeds germinate faster), but my guess is that 2 weeks doesn't make 10 days worth of difference in germination rates.

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I've gotten excellent germination in paper towels in baggies :)

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Hi Disney,

I forgot to add the result of the bag method. I tried five of them in bags. 4 germinated. The fastest was 6 days and the slowest was 9 days. However, the "germination" might be a little different, as I counted "germination" on the bag method as when I saw roots, and I counted "germination" from the direct sowing as when I saw noteworthy growth.

In addition, I've noticed that the ones from the bag aren't growing as quickly as the others now (and 1 got taken out of its pot by something before the root took hold in the dirt). They look healthy, but they don't seem to be growing as quickly. Of course, this is my first experience with all of it, so I certainly could have done plenty of things wrong that I don't even realize, yet. :)

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seeds germinate a lot quicker when you float them on water on Styrofoam.

In just 4 days they form a taproot.

In two weeks the have true leaves and a nice roots system.


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I also use the floating styrofoam method - I had the beginnings of taproots within 24 hours with seeds from Brad (almost 100% germination rate, although I weeded some weaker ones out later).

I had a similar setup to George. I also put a string of lights (incandescent tube light) under the plastic container, and had halogen lights on them from the top (they were on our stove-top). I used a mix of distilled water/H2O2/Superthrive for the water that the seeds floated in.

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Wow! Thank you both. Looks like I will be trying that next time. I think Disney had very early germination on his in the baggie, too. I'm gonna have to change up my methods.

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I had very fast germination except for Penang Peach... That was the only variety that took longer than a few days.... Everything else, including mixed noids, were well sprouted within a week.

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BobTheWizard(CA 9)

Wow... that is really good information for a seed newbie like me. I can't wait to give this a try.


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