Pests on Wax Myrtle bushes

arlo27August 22, 2010

We planted a few wax myrtle bushes (because we were told how easy they are to grow) along a fence, and are finding many leaves being eaten up, particularly new growth, but older leaves, too. Sometimes we find a little green caterpillar inside a curled-up leaf. We were told we can continue to search for these caterpillars and kill them, but now we're at a point where the purpose of planting the bushes (screen) is being defeated.

The same thing is happening to two lemon bushes in a totally different area on the property. And some camelias, too.

A nursery suggested using Captain Jack. I wonder if a spray would work as we've been having very wet mornings. Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated. We're in Santa Cruz, CA, close to the coast.

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Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew contains "Spinosad" a naturally occuring bacterium that may, or may not, be a solution for you depending on whether the label actually lists leaf rollers as one of the targets of this stuff. Since leaf rollers do chew on leaves applications of Bacillus thuringiensis - Kurstaki may be more appropriate and less environmentally harmful then the Spinosad.
Best is to encourage and allow the natural predaors of these wee buggers to help you.

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