Small (so far...) WhiteFly infestation. Help?

OjoVerdeMay 17, 2011

I know there are some old messages in this forum regarding whitefly remedies, but I'm wondering if anyone has had any recent success stories as most of the older follow-ups seemed to convey a strong "you're S.O.L." message.

So far my infestation is small (two pepper plants- "here and there" style). I've scrubbed the leaves for eggs/larva, but I know they'll still multiply. I can't use ladybugs or wasps in my apartment. Has anyone had luck with seaweed spray? Home remedies? Organic/safe insecticides? Anything?

I'm desperate. Thanks!

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Whiteflies were the 2nd easiest to deal with this year for me, and I have had almost everything. If you cannot use lady bugs then mix a solution of 50/50 isopropyl to room temp water. You will hear mixed reviews about this, and if you use it too much you can definitely harm your plants. I found it to be extremely effective, most so on whiteflies. Remember to look at the percent of your alcohol, try to make the solution 50%, not just 50% by volume.

Get an adjustable spray bottle and spray the undersides of the leaves only with one good mist, this is where the eggs and 99% of the whiteflies reside so I dont bother spraying the tops. Be sure the plants are ventilated and spray no more than once every couple days.

You can use traps in conjunction with spray and it is very effective, the ones that escape without dying instantly will often fly straight onto the traps.

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Thanks Phildeez! I'll try this right away and post an update in a week or so incase of future whitefly sufferers.

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shake the plant and when they fly off suck them up with a dust buster

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