Novel method for Japanese Beetle control? - Looking for feedback

buck54321August 23, 2012

It is a little late in the season for this, but I wanted to get a little feedback from the community before dedicating time to an experiment. I have an idea I would like to try next year for controlling Japanese beetles. As we know, Japanese Beetles are stupid. They barely know how to fly and they fall off of plants with the slightest disturbance. This gave rise to the most common form of organic control, shaking beetles off of plants and catching them in a container of soapy water. This inspired my idea for using artificial wind. First, my reasoning.

1. Japanese Beetles will fall from a plant with only a slight disturbance.

2. Japanese Beetles are attracted to plants that have other Japanese Beetles.

It is therefore important to clear your plants of these pests early and often. This said, I have observed a brisk gust of wind causing a small swarm of Japanese Beetles to fly away from an old apple tree near my garden.

My idea is this. Initially, I would like to use a leaf blower and "sweep" my garden, or at least infested areas, two or three times a day. Hopefully, this would knock down the beetles and maybe cause them to fly away to less windy places. Unlike the shake and catch method, this idea is, at least theoretically, scalable as well.

My question to you fine folks is - am I crazy? Does anybody think this has potential?

I thank you for your time in reading this wordy post.

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While some people think Japanese Beetles are dump because they fall off the plants they are munching on when disturbed, their evolution probably taught them that that is a good way to avoid any predators. If being blown off a plant by the wind was a good means of control the wee buggers would not return to the plants they were blown off.
Maybe putting a very fine meshed screen downwind to catch the wee buggers would be more sucessful.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Buck, it would be a great idea.....except for the fact that these pests recover from their 'possum ' act quickly and return to their host plants in order to feed.

Keep up with your might even try this out next year. Who knows?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

on my 5 acres.. i would need a jet engine turbine.. lol ...

and back in suburbia.. i would have some really mad neighbors ...


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