Top 5 Plumeria-For Clear Lake (S. of Houston) Area???

funinthesunincl(Z9 TX Gulf Coast)June 18, 2008

Plummie Experts: I am new to the world of plumeria & would like to know: What would be your top 5 picks of plumeria for a person living in Clear Lake (South of Houston)???? My backyard is west facing and would have full sun/heat all day long. I would like to place an order with Maui Gardens but a friend told me he didn't have any luck with plumeria from Hawaii. What would you suggest & please let me know--- :)

I live in the Brookwood neighborhood and heard there is a major plumeria person living in my neighborhood. Does this person sell plants/cuttings???? Please let me know--I would rather support a local plumeria person.

I REALLY wanted to go to the local Plumeria Show/Sale on NASA RD. 1 but was out of town last weekend. :(

Thanks in advance for your suggestions of your top five !!!

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There are some very good nurseries in Houston that carry plumies. As we are moving, and I have gone through cleaning up my links, I no longer have them but if you check out the Houston Chronicle online/life section/gardening, have a look through there/do a search on their site. They also report upcoming events which sometimes include plumie sales in the area. Alternatively do a web search - I use which I have found gives a better return.
I am a couple of hours east of you and have plumies in pots sunk in holes in the ground. Being rural, we get a lot of wind; needed to build a 6ft windbreak which we tie the trunks/branches to. The plumies are well above the 6ft mark now so anything that should break we can't do much about! Darn, I have a book here somewhere called
Gardening in Houston which has an excellent section on plumies in Houston! If your are receiving emails [mine is not blocked] and can email me back, please do so! In the meantime, I will look for the book...

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trojanfan53(Southern Cal. 9)

Fun, you might want to look at eBay under" plumeria rooted", seller emersonsambassador . I have a few from him always a great experience. He sells rooted plants and gives you a free extra named plumeria. I believe he's in La Porte Texas. Tell him trojanfan sent you! Dave

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I second that suggestion on Emerson. He is awesome. He's a true plumerian and a great guy. I love buying from him. He sells at the PSA sales out there and he will also answer emails from his website if you are looking for something that is not listed on Ebay.

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funinthesunincl(Z9 TX Gulf Coast)

Thanks everyone for the info!!!!
I just talked to Emerson's wife, Nancy on the phone--they live right by me!!! I am going to go over to their place Friday afternoon--I am so excited!!! Nancy was very sweet and I look forward to meeting her & her husband. She gave me their website address---WOW is all I can say!!! :)
Thanks again for the great plumeria connection!!!!
Mary Jane

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For give my ignorance, but what does PSA mean?

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funinthesunincl(Z9 TX Gulf Coast)

It stands for: The Plumeria Society of America

Only reason I know is because I just missed what I'm sure was a great show/sale they had in my area!!! :( I, unfortunately, was not in town....

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kelpie473(9b sw Fla)

Mary Jane, it's going to tough to make up your mind what to buy at Nancy and Emerson's, they have so many plumerias and are some of the nicest people to know. We went to the sale last Saturday then over to their place for a little tour, it was absolutely fantastic, you'll have a lot of fun.

There's another slightly smaller PSA sale in Katy in August I think, be sure to ask Emerson about it.


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funinthesunincl(Z9 TX Gulf Coast)

Suzanne, Karen, and Dave, and all...

I just got back from Nancy and Emerson's home...or should I say...Plumeria Heaven!!!!! Yes, you were right, they have thousands of beautiful plants!!! Emerson gave me a guided tour through his front and back yard full of GORGEOUS looking and smelling plumeria plants!! He is most knowledgeable and helpful with any questions I had. what did I come home with? Yes, Suzanne, it was very hard to make up my mind as to which beauties I was going to take home. I now am a proud owner of four beautifully potted plumies: Katie Moragne, Guillot's Sunset, Jeannie Moragne, and a beautiful Puu Kahea!!! Both Nancy and Emerson were so helpful in helping me find just the right ones!!! And Nancy made sure I didn't leave before my arms were full of the fruits of their tomato harvest!!! Anyone that lives anywhere close to 'Nan & The Plumeria Man' should look them up!!! They are truly special people with a love of the Plumeria Plant!!!
Thank you again for the fantastic connection!! This forum is GREAT!! And I did tell them about ya'll referring me to them. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!

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Congratulations to the max, so happy you found so many great plants..those are good ones, a good mix. Lucky you getting to visit Emerson and Nancys plumeria, such a treat..Now, we get to see blooms, hope soon.
Karen B

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craftymama132001(Ohio (5))

Hi, Mary Jane, I have a cousin that lives in Richmond, just south of Houston. Where exactly are Emerson and Nancy located? I'd love to send my cousin there on my behalf! lol She raises plumeria also, so I'm sure she'd love it if she could see it first hand, (then go again when I'm there visiting! lol). My cousin started my addiction when they brought me an aztec gold 3 or 4 years ago. teehee I'm up to 67 plants and seedlings now! lol Crafty

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funinthesunincl(Z9 TX Gulf Coast)

Craftymama (I love that name...):

Emerson lives in La Porte--just southeast of Houston. To contact him go to his website:

There is a 'contact us' tab on the left. I'll let him give you his phone number. It is so worth going to their house! Now I know they travel a couple times a year, so I would contact them well in advance if you are making a special trip. While visiting their home, I felt like I was a kid in a candy store!! Little starters to huge trees 2-3 times my height!!! And as the breeze would blow, scents of various plumeria blooms filled the air---like heaven. :) He has something for everyone--a lot of good standard plumeria & so many what I would call, highly sought after plumeria. A distinct advantage in buying from his home or at a show is I was able to get some beautifully multi-branched plants that would have been impossible to ship. It was just SO HARD to pick just a few...but I am very happy!!

Craftymama: WOW- 67 plants! I'd say you are hooked by plumeria! I can see how that could 'easily' happen! I really had to 'hold back' at Emerson's place--I figured I can always go back 'to visit'!! I think I'm going to have to now work these plants into any future 'home budget talks' with my husband!!! Ha Ha...

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craftymama132001(Ohio (5))

Hi, Mary Jane, Thanks for the info! I will pass it on to my cousin so she can check it out for me, (and her, of course! lol). I have 67 plants, the majority being seedlings. When they mature and start flowering, I plan on selling them and getting more named ones that I really, really want! lol That will narrow my numbers down a bit. (maybe!) ;o) I'm going to go check out Emerson's site now. Maybe I won't be able to wait another 2 or 3 years for the seedlings! lol As for my screen name, glad you like it! I've been a craft maker for years, and I'm a mom of 5, hence the name craftymama. lol Lots of people call me Crafty though. (In real life my name is actually Rene') Thanks again for the info, and have a great weekend! Crafty

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kelpie473(9b sw Fla)

Hi funinthesun, we told you didn't we? I don't know how you came away with "only" four but the ones you have are very nice rainbows (my favorites too). So glad you went and enjoyed the visit!


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