Plumeria progress in Western New York.

Andrew ScottJune 11, 2012

Hello friends,

Thanks to temperatures warming again, my plumerias are really taking off. Of the 60+ varieties I have, I now have 5 varieties that have inflos forming.

Dwarf Singapore Pink has the most amount of inflos right now. This is my oldest plumeria. I have now had it for about 3 and a half years. 2 of the inflos have buds that are now showing. Though there still small, if temps stay warm like they are and the humidity stays up, the buds should hopefully open in a few more weeks. About 2 weeks ago, I spotted the third inflo, and today I found the 4th.

I would HIGHLY recommend this plumeria to eveyone, especially newbies. It was the first rooted plumeria I ever bought, and a good deal at that. I bought it from Stokes Tropicals on sale for $29.99. It came with 4 nice sized branches, each with 1 tip. I cut off 1 of the branches last year to give to a good friend of mine. I only wished I would have read up on pruning though, as I am pretty sure it wont form any new branches. The good news is that this tree has tripled in size!

It is still more compact, which I really appreciate considering I cannot grow my plumeria outdoors year round.

My Thai Super Round(not the actual proper name, my friend who sold it to me lost the tag on it)has 1 inflo on it. The other 6 tips have yet to form any inflos but this has been a very good plumeria in terms of producing inflos. It also seems to be a more compact variety.

My Sariah's Curly Pink also formed an inflo. This was a cutting I rooted last November(I would not recommend anyone trying to root over the winter, as cuttings are harder to root when there dormant. I think the only reason why I suceeded was because I had it under my 600 watt HPS light, which I run for about 14 hours a day). The only bummer is that the inflo has appeared to stall and it really hasn't progressed in size for about a month. The inflo is still healthy, and the water bottle it was in was full of roots. I actually repotted it(again I wouldn't normally repot when there is an inflo developing) about a few weeks ago. Maybe that made the inflo slow in development?

The last plumeria that has a HUGE inflo on it is my Taj Mahol. This is the only plumeria as of now, that is giving me any issues. The leaves are 8in long and nice and green. The tree itself is about 16 inches tall.

Just now I went to look at it to measure the leaves and i believe I found the source of the bud drop. SPIDER MITES! GRRR!! Well I have the FE ready to spray and will start that ASAP.

My friend Sonia told me that she herself has issues with her Taj Mahol dropping buds. She said it just seems to be a more finnicky variety.

Has anyone else had issues with there T.M. dropping flower buds?

I will start spraying today and report back as to how it responds. I really love this plumeria, and even if it is a more finnicky variety, I do recommend it to other plumeria growers. I love the shape of the flower, and the colors are awesome...yellow with a pretty red edge. I never can properly describe the fragrance of a specific plumeria variety but it is one of my favs. Then again, I don't think I have ever smelled any of my plumeria flowers and thought "Wow, that plumeria really stinks!" LOL! That's why I get myself into trouble buying more and more! LOL!

The last plumeria that I have blooming is my Apricot. I just bought this plumeria from Bloomingplumerias off of Ebay. It has become one of my favorite plumerias. Great flower color..kind of a peachy pink color with a yellow throat. Fragrance was described by Bloomingplumeria as a cinnamon scent. I don't know if I agree but it is a very nice fragrance!

WEll take care eveyone, and I promise to get picks when my plumerias are blooming.


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stormys_mom(Md 7a)

Congrats Andrew!!

You should be proud. I dont have anything thats anywhere near the blooming stage. I know what you mean about the temps. I am in Maryland and its been high 80's to 90's for the past 4 days. Suppose to rain for the next 2 tho. Then back up again and humid. Never thought I would say I welcome the humidity lol but I do know. Anyway post pics when they start blooming, cant wait to see :)


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Your collection must be amazing, especially for Western NY!

I often wonder (even here in sunny Florida) the ability to grow Thai varieties as they were hybridized to look.... and I say this with caution because I'm not and expert by no means.

I have been to Hawaii, Australia and Thailand and have witnessed for myself some of the most unique cultivars of plumeria in these regions as beautiful as you could ever imagine. Taking this into account, we are trying to grow what we see in the photo and I would say most of the time we have a a beautiful plumeria, however it's not quite the same. Now I'm not talking about the fake Blue or Purples, but what I'm talking about are the multicolored with unique shaped petals. All my Thai have sensitivity issues especially to cold or colder climate. When they do bloom they look nothing like what I thought I was buying.

I too have had bud drop even with the ones I've got growing in the ground. What I have noticed it's more common before the heat of summer or during huge temperature fluctuations.

This could also be a result from taking plants from inside the home to outdoors?

We growers have huge expectations of what we desire to see blooming and the moment they do, our passion is fulfilled and we have a mental party in our own minds of excitement and happiness!

Very few people understand us, but most people can appreciate the ultimate outcome!


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Well put Stuart !!! I think I'd be happy with flowers even if they don't look like the pics. Peg

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Andrew Scott

I also wanted to say that I will be weeding out some of my plumerias that I have doubles of. Today or tomorrow I will make a list of what I have doubles of and what I am willing to part with.
If anyone is interested, please email me.


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