Jeannie Jr. in full bloom + Others

the_first_kms2(8/9)June 21, 2014

Here is my 8 year old Jeannie in bloom during Texas heat. Next to it is the always crowd pleasing 6 year old Penang Peach.

Raspberry Sundae - 1st Bloom



Orange Splendor - 1st Bloom

My Candy Stripe and Royal Hawaiian are slow this year otherwise it would have been a full hedge of blooms.

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all so beautiful. Amazing what the heat does. roxanne

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k - those two together are just too beautiful for mere words! My Penang has two inflos and my Jeannie has two inflos. There is just no comparison! Oh, but someday................... :)

Your Raspberry Sundae bloom is very nice. Mine is still not up to par in my opinion and now the petals are getting more narrow. Am I just too tough a critic? I keep trying to take pics with both my phone and my camera. I messed up the settings on my camera so pics aren't coming very good and Raspberry Sundae looks more like Purple Sundae with my cellphone. Like this...

Or my messed up camera settings, like this...

BTW, my Candy Stripe was so much prettier than I had expected. What a pleasant surprise. It's a shame the inflo didn't last longer. I would love to see your full hedge when they all bloom together.
This is my Jeannie M. with messed up camera settings. First time blooming for me.

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Nice blooms. Those trees look good.

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Really beautiful! I'm enjoying everyone's photos!

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Unbelievably beautiful!!!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Beautiful, as always!!!


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Very Beautiful. Just love looking at everyone pictures. Barb

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I must show my trees a picture of your trees and give them a pep talk! :-) Simply gorgeous!

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Your trees are just gorgeous. I absolutely love Penang Peach. One of my favorites! And the blooms on Jeannie -awesome.

Nice seeing you again at the sale and meeting Kenny. It was a fun time.

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Absolutely stunning, K! Wish I had a time machine so I could've started this hobby sooner.

Is Maggie your nickname for Magnum Opus? That was a seriously impressive bloom, even with all your other impressive blooms. Thanks for leaving those, btw--they make the kitchen smell really nice :)

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA


wow! Love them ALL. Each one is very distinctive and colorful. Thanks for the adrenaline rush.

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WOW K!!! LOVE the big trees and your beautiful blooms!! GORGEOUS!!

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Thanks everyone. Hopefully next year I can coax Royal Hawaiian and Candy Stripe to join in. I'll root prune all of them next February and maybe that slows the early starters down some.

I think you are being too critical of your blooms. They are very pretty. You are right on Candy Stripe. its much prettier than many give it credit. Here is a late summer Candy Stripe bloom from a previous year.

Joan it was great to see you too. I found my checkbook so no more excuses for not writing a check to the PSA :). It went out a few days ago. Maybe I can talk them into streaming or Youtube events for those of us not near Houston.

J, yes Maggie is the short name for Magnum Opus. I know Magnum Opus is a term to signify someone's penultimate work or achievement but...i just don't like the name. Besides Magnum is some guy who used drive around Oahu in a red Ferrari. Maggie is either a character on the Simpsons or a fantastic Plumeria. eh...take your pick i guess.

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Now that's how a "TREE" should look! It's nice to see them as they should be growing. OUTSTANDING!

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K - thanks for posting that very beautiful candy stripe photo. After mine bloomed, I will never think of it as "ordinary" again. Your pic shows why! :)

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Wow, your camera takes good pics even at night. I think MO was actually renamed after Luc's passing to Luc's Magnum Opus. I agree it's a mouthful. How about just Mo?

There's a plumeria from Thailand (I think) called Maggie which is also quite a big stunning bloom.

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