I Fear the Worst - bumps on the trunks

ThatAdeniumGuyAugust 19, 2014

I bought a northern Catalpa online months ago. I noticed these bumps on the trunk and branches. The plant is vigorous and otherwise apparently healthy. It's quite the fighter, I bought from that direct sketchy mail order place and the plant is sent bareroot In a heatwave in july, not enough roots for the size, potted in improper soil and severely neglected. Now this..

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Here's the branch

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'm thinking that your images are of lenticels. If you think that they are scale insects, try to gently pry them off with a fingernail. I suspect that you'll find that these spots and bumps are a part of the natural anatomy of the plant.

Please let us know if otherwise, okay?

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mushibu10(zone 8 (UK))

I have same problem with my Jacaranda on the semi hard wood branches, i treated it with the bug killer sprays nothings worked so i';ve left it and it's not as bad, and after reading rhizo's message maybe it's part of the plant.
thank you

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Looks totally normal to me, supposed to have lenticels

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