Italico hybrid

kuvaszlvrMay 28, 2012

Anyone here grow Italico? I'm curious because I've got a bunch of huge fruit on the plants right now and I want to find a tasty way to fix them. I pan fried one last week, lightly salted and ate it, but I wasn't impressed. So I'm looking for some more ideas.


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I have not not grown that one, but I do grow Italia and other Horn of the Bull types. They are sweet peppers, normally use as a frying pepper. I like to fry peppers and onions with beef tips. Also good in salads, sweeter than bells. More flavor than a Cubanelle type but too small for stuffing.

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Those look good, I've never heard of Italia. The Italicos look more like a big Padron. They aren't sweet, they are supposed to be spicy with mild heat. So far I am not overly impressed. I grilled one and put it on a sandwich... eh.. no biggie. I don't notice spicy or heat. You are supposed to pick them green. I might try frying with onions and beef, or even squash. Thanks. I might have to find some Italia's, they really look good!

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DaMonkey007(10b - Miami)

Try roasting them, maybe they lend themselves to a coulis.

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