Arborvitae and green giant turning greyish

marquiskissel1(7)August 18, 2014

Hey guys! I am having some problems with these two types of tree. I have about 15 of each planted. 3 of the green giants are showing brown leaves and some greyish ones too while the others look perfectly fine. 1 of my arborvitaes looks horrible as you can see in the picture, and a couple of the others are showing just a few branches that have that greyish color. However, on the arborvitaes as you can see in the pictures, the underside of the leaves are still green. Any ideas what is causing this or what I should do? I would really appreciate the help!

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More pics

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you can see in this one that the inside is still pretty green even tho the outside has turned greyish brown!

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sick arborvitae exterior

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

first pic.. on the way to dead ...

second pic .. sinmgle branch dead... trim it out to green growth ... probably shipping damage ...

third pic ... no clue...

4th pic ... definitely dead ...

did you fail to mention these were all recent large transplants??? .. if so.. how planted.. and what is your watering protocol???

improper watering... or poor ball and burlap digging is probably the problem ... both significantly impact the plants ability to process the water they need

they are conifers .. as well as trees ... there is a forum for each ... if you are interested ...

if you have a warranty ... use it this fall ...


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They were all planted a little more than a year ago. Our watering protocol this year has been to water them with a gallon or so each any week where there is last than an inch or so of rainfall.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

one gallon is not a lot of water for a 6 to 8 foot plant ...

especially if you had periods of drought like i did in MI ...

a transplant this size.. would take 2 to 4 years.. to get fully established.. and the root mass would need to be kept damp during that period ...


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Ok I talked to our gardener he says he is giving them about 3 gallons per week. We did use augurs when we planted these and I have heard that sometimes that causes problems with encircling. However we made sure to rough up the sides of each hole with pickaxes to soften them. Do you think that maybe that could still be the problem? If so is there anyway to fix it at this stage?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

are you saying your soil is clay???

if so.. review the link in regard to planting in clay.. as well as proper watering ...

you really arent going to know much of anything.. until you pull the dead one out of the ground.. and FIND OUT what was going on down there ... we can guess all day long.. but you have a prime suspect sitting right there.. to use as a guinea pig.. pull it out and find out ... then we will have some facts to talk about ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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marquiskissel1, it could be a very bad infestation of spider mites. If you hold a piece of white cardboard anywhere under some foliage and tap smartly on the foliage above.
Lots of loose stuff will be dislodged and fall on the card.
The ones that scurry around are the spide rmites.

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Ronalawn82 was dead on the money. We had an absurdly large infestation of spider mites. Neem oil has stopped the problem. We have lost at least 2 tree. 3 others are almost entirely brown but all the branches have new foliage coming out, so we will see how many need to be replaced. Thanks so much for the help with this!

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