What's eating this Virginia Creeper?

sherrinfAugust 31, 2008


I moved to a new house a few months ago and I have what I believe to be Virginia Creeper growing up the backside of the house. I rather like it, but now something's eating the leaves. And whatever it is, it's only eating around the edges of the leaves in big round circles (like someone took a hole punch to the plant!)

The nearby Crape Myrtle is currently infested with aphids (and now ladybugs), but from what I understand, aphids don't eat big holes in the leaves like this. I haven't found any bugs on the plant itself and I'm really at a loss. If it were beetles or caterpillars, wouldn't I see them?

Pic should be attached.

Also, I'm new to gardening, so perhaps this isn't really Virginia Creeper. Looks and acts like the description, except that my leaves are non-serrated and most of the bunches have seven or nine clusters of leaves. Not sure if this matters...

Thanks for any pointers...

Image link:

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Looks like the damage a leaf cutter bee would do. If so, I don't think they are of real concern.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Yes, a leafcutter bee. So not a problem. Besides that, leafcutter bees are valuable pollinators. And as you likely have heard, we need all the pollinating insects we can get.

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Wowza, you guys rock. Thanks for the zippy replies. I've just finished reading up on the Leafcutter Bee--what a curious insect. I've never heard of a bee living like this. But yes, you're right--we definitely need to support the pollinators! So I will leave be the bees and they can have all of my creeper leaves that they want :) I am going to keep an eye out, too--I'd like to see these guys in action.
Thanks again,

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