Coldest Morning of Autumn.....So Far

Okiedawn OK Zone 7November 28, 2011

Brrrr! We went down to 21 degrees here, although it already has warmed up to a relatively warm 24 degrees. That's our coldest overnight low of this fall, so far.

It is so very cold out there and the frost is thick.

I think maybe the few flowers that were still blooming yesterday might be finished now.

How about y'all?

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Cold here in OKC. I pulled my plants off the balcony last week, and they are in front of the sliding glass doors now, with lights on them.

It's been windy, colder, rainy and now cold out. Haven't even ridden my bike to work lately. I am turning in to a whimp. LOL


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Brrrrrr is right! 27 here in NE Norman @ 8 am. I'm on vacation this week so I splept in. I'm sure it was at least down to 23 here overnite. The frost is so heavy that it looks like we got a light dusting of snow.

I feel a bit of relief as far as the garden goes. Everything is dead now so with the heavy frost, this dis-appointing gardening year is OVER! And I'm SO over it.

I may have to pack the new seed catalogs in a box in the garage. They keep calling me to take a peek and I just keep telling them "Not 'til after Christmas"...(although I did go in on an order from Swallowtail Seeds with a friend for a few ornamental grasses & herbs!)


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Pallida(Zone 7b)

Yep! 22 degrees on my hill this AM. The only thing I still had blooming was the tough Gaillardias. Car covered with frost. Birdbath frozen solid. Just went out and replenished the bird feeder (think I have one of my "rascally" racoons emptying it every night), and poured some warm water over the frozen BB. The birds seem grateful. "Sigh"! Already ready for Spring. Just hope we have a milder Summer next year without triple-digit temps.!


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