Good source for cheap black plastic nursery pots?

sjp8987June 25, 2008

Do any of y'all know of a good source for those black plastic nursery pots? I would be willing to wash out old ones instead of buying new ones - trying to be economical you know.


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Where are you located? If you are within a few hundred miles of me I can ship them USPS pretty cheaply. I'm in MD. I have hundreds, maybe thousands of used green & black nursery pots in various sizes 4"-30" sitting outside of the greenhouses. The county won't take them for recycling and we don't reuse them in the GH so they pile up.

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A year ago I was looking for the same thing. What I ended up doing at the advise of others was going to a landscaper. They have to pay to get rid of them, so they are glad to have you take some for free. They have lots of sizes too!

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My local nursery will give me 1 gallon containers,
and will sell me 25-30 containers for a few dollars.
Randy in Savannah Z8b

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Karen, Behnke's will recycle them. You can just drop them off near where you buy mulch/soil. Christy :)

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I have rarely found any cheap ones, unless left at the curb on someone planting. Most I buy at Home Depot. are a tad expensive, especially the 7 gallon size. found a wholesale nursery, has 15 gallons cheap but too large for mine, plant gets too big for me to handle.
Karen B

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I know I'm a year behind this thread, but I also could use some 5 gallon tubs, but also the super-sized tubs that are about 18" wide (is that a 9 -10 gallon tub or larger)?

I've tried lots of places in Charlottesville, VA, and they won't even sell them to me.

Anyone have any that they'd be willing to ship to me? I'm happy to pay postage.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Find someone who is in the landscaping business and tell them you are growing plumerias and need some pots. A good landscaper is going through many pots and two I talked to brought me a stack of about 25 fives and a number of larger pots. Just a thought. Also google black nursery pots and you will find tons of places that sell them. Bill

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I buy mine on Craig's list. Lots of good deals.

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I tried many of my local landscape nurseries and they didn't have any, used or otherwise. Also tried Craigslist, but unless I want a tractor or chickens, I couldn't find any.

I guess I was lucky to pick up the ones that I got sitting outside our local recycle center.

Ebay has some, but prices + shipping = high

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I need about 100 each of 3 to 5 gallon pots. any help in this regard is appreciated. Thanks

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I have a HUGE,Enormous stock pile of nursery pots, all sizes, that I'm interested in selling reasonably. Staunton/Harrisonburg area. 540-8861517

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I will tell you all that I have found the perfect place for those black pots and I would have never guessed. I decided one day to go to a Hydroponics store and there they were just exactly what I was looking for and the prices were great. I hope that works for some of you and good luck I know how hard it was for me to find them at a decent price and not pay what Home Depot wanted for them.

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

I don't know if the Home Depot stores in your area do this, but the one in my area puts out the used empty pots on a rack outside by the checkout for the garden area, and anybody can help themselves to them.

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jsainz(8-9 NM)

found these when i was searching for mine


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This is Shoreline Buckets.
We buy Used Nursery Pots and we are contacting you to see if you have any you would like to sell.
As many landscapers have the left over empty nursery pots after installation of the plants.
I will buy all of your Used Nursery Containers from 1 gallon to 300' gallons.
I come out and pay you cash and load them on our 20 foot utility trailer.

We are local recyclers and work the central to east coast.
Call or e-mail us if you have any questions or if you would like us to come out and give you a cash bid on your pile of nursery pots.
We also offer estimates if you would like to email us a picture of the pile as well.
We look forward to doing business with you.

Thank you and Regards,

Shoreline Buckets
Tara Russell
Joseph Aleman

Office 850-542-0065
Field Cell 702-416-3658
4362 Clair Ct.
Gulf Breeze, Fl 32563

Here is a link that might be useful: Google

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I'm looking to acquire about 60 - 5 gallon black plastic pots. any suggestions? I live in Raleigh, NC.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

I have a local Nursery that has recycling bins by the front door. People bring theirs back and whatever is in the bins is free for the taking. Lowes and Home Depot have a recycling program but I never see them out in the open. Call around to all the nurseries and ask.

Shoreline. Advertising your business is frowned upon on GardenWeb. I doubt you will get any business from here.

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I sell black Nursery trade pot's any size and quantity. I have used and new pots.

I'm in the Orange County, CA area. Can ship or deliver locally.

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nursery containers, pots. looking to buy 5 gallon, 10 gallon, 15 gallon, and 20 gallon, and 25 gallon. need a lot of every size. if anyone sells these or knows where i can get some please let me know. thanks. jeff 720.620.8116 email is

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I would recommend searching online for a wholesale nursery close to you. One that grows their own stock would surely have all size pots and may let you purchase some.
I have a nice stack of different sizes from being on new home construction sites when the landscape goes in. If you know of new development, check the dumpsters.
I understand pots cannot be reused by commercial business unless the pots are washed and sterilized therefore they will be tossed or recycled to avoid the trouble.

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The ones I would like to find are at least 36" in diameter. My plumaria are all mature trees. I snagged two from a landscaper working across the street and wish I had bought every one he had. Anybody local? I need decent ones, not beaters. LB

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