Good and safe palm fungicide

TAB3230September 6, 2012

Please advice safe palm fungicide, so I can do foliar application to juvenile bismarkia palm. Is that copper fungicide safe or maybe peroxide h2o2 with water mix? Main issue : leaves emerging healthy and after week or two starting to dry on edges, becoming brown with thin wholes, and leaf edges splitting to two and bending, I have no other guesses besides fungal des ease it is in zone 10b with a lot of rain lately.

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

Fungicide killed my 5 year old Washingtonia. I'll never use fungicide on a palm again. I don't think there is such a thing as a safe fungicide for palms.

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I used peroxide h2o2 mix week ago, sprayed on top of all leaves of palm tree, it seems like it slowes down fungal decease, leaves loosing brown spots and lines, but overall leaf looks drying, and it not fixable for palm leaves, so I will just wait unroll I can prune these gray leaves.

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My theory hydrogen peroxide helps to remove all existing extra oxides from plant tissue, so it has more power to fight remaining problems, fungus included.

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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)

Could this be a different problem and not fungal? I have read several places that this plant has no major pest problems. Watch for scale infestations. Could it be lack of water or food, pH soil problems, etc...?

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Rain and wind could do that to a Bizmarckia(or any desert palm)
has it dried out any? Is there any more damage?

If there is nothing wrong with the spear I wouldn't treat it.

Try a good all around palm fertilizer like Carl Pool-
if this stuff don't set it right,maybe it is just to wet there now.

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Leaf drying slowly on tips, it was rainy lately and some winds after and during isaac, tree lost 5 or 6 leaves in last 2 months - wind damage and one I removed it was all brown - new leaf but in 2 weeks turned from green to brown. There are one new leaf all healthy and 2 more comming, one spear looks healthy, one more too short to judge how it looks. Other odd thing - leaves are too short, usually bismarkia has tall leaves, that one has short new comming for some reason, I will say like 2-3 ft only.

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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)

Sounds like the roots might have gotten burned with something. I over fed a plant once and got short brown leaves, but it developed new leaves after that and was ok. COuld have something gotten poured around the tree that might have burned the roots or been toxic?

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Any chance it was leggy from the nursery and is now pushing out more compact leaves?

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Orchiddudde, leaves emerging fine and look pretty good until they start to have brown lines in the middle of them, in 2-3 weeks after that they look awfull, with tips gray, and all like drying, it is 3rd leaf I see that on my bismarkia in last months. I feel like it is leaf skeletonizer. This is why I feel like use fungicide or pesticide on my tree.

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Are these leaves with broken tips will die with time since water will not be delivered there? Is it common issue with bismarkia, sabal palmetto or any kind with same leaf structures?

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