how large will a queen palm grow in this container?

ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)October 20, 2010

i bought this palm about 6 months ago, it has grown a tiny bit. But i am worried the container might be restricting its growth. the pot is 24"

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so big that it topple over eventually. You could probably grow one upwards of 20' of trunk or more... but than it would break the container apart, or, as i said, topple over.

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

also i was wondering, on average how long does it take for a queen palm to grow a trunk?

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They can get pretty big! The tallest frond on mine (also in a pot) is a little over 10 feet tall). It probably would be taller if it was in the ground (It was a very small plant 7 years ago). Mine is still growing pretty fast in its pot and pushes up 2 fronds a summer and 3 fronds a year.
Good luck!

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The pot is big enough. Don't stress at this point! I've seen really big ones in relatively tiny pots. Probably Winter hardy in your zone by the way. I'd put it in the ground in zone 9. Love these palms by the way, have three about 10-12 footers. Fast growing and very cool tolerant--yet tropical. Mine trunk relatively quickly and I'm two zones cooler than you.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

That's good to know! I have some $4.99 Home Depot specials that are now about 10' tall. Kinda hate to throw them out. I may keep one or two in my cool garage. Do they like to be wet or dry in winter?

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I keep mine VERY DRY in the Winter. My garage is a large, detached one that is relatively COLD but mostly frost-free in the dead of Winter (basically, they have to get through January here). South facing doors are glass so there is light but there's just a small space heater and a lot of insulation. Being that it is PACKED with plants (mostly non-hardy palms, cycads, and Citrus), the humidity is high. But the queen palms spend a lot of time outside (March until December). I had previously tried to grow them in the house but aside from there massive sizes, they would tend to get scale inside the HOUSE in the Winter. When I do water them in the Winter, I lug them out of the garage and soak them well with the hose--sometimes, there are milder periods (even in January), when I'll leave them out for a few days to get some better sun and fresh air but they usually emerge from the Winter without any leaf burn and looking great.--They basically frame my backyard terrace and deck area and I love'em. Good luck!

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I feel like they would rather have some moisture, but I think I watered mine ONCE the entire winter!! It was so dry when spring came that I could easily lift it up with one hand and its in a 7 gallon pot (I think( and is 9 feet tall to the tallest frond). It was completely dry and after about a week of daily soaking, when it went outside again, it finally sprang back to life. Over than a few brown tips, it didnt seem to mind the dryness. Very tolerant palms. They can survive a lot of neglect, but look there best with lots of care. Watch for spider mites on it indoors!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

I kept one in my cool/cold garage (above freezing) a few years ago and in the Spring it just sat there. No growth for months, so I threw it out. I must have overwatered it and it got root damage. Not sure. I'm willing to try again this year with maybe less water. Light levels are very low, so maybe with low light they demand less water?

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

This probably sounds crazy, but since space is at a premium in my garage, I may just put one Queen in a large plastic bag (the rootball) and store the entire palm horizontally up in the rafters. There is a skylight that will allow some light. Think that will work? Temps will be 40-55 degree range in coldest months.

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Yours will be fine in that pot for quite a while I think. I had one in a redwood planting box I built for at least 5 or 7 years before I planted it in the ground. The planter box was 13 inches square. The trunk got quite thick and the planter box was stressed. Planting it out was a job (mainly getting it out of the planter!), but it is doing fine and in several years will be quite a beautiful palm in a perfect place. I wouldn't wait so long to plant it out if I had to do it again (word to the wise).

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

Well,I hope you all are right about over wintering Queens in the garage.l aquuired 20 this summer thanks to HD @$2.49 ea. I could not pass up the good deal. I hope to have all begining of Spring of '11 if I do not kill them over the winter.

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