Abnormal temps and it's effects on my plumeria.

andrew78(6)June 21, 2012

This year in general has been so strange as far as the weather goes. Spring came early here in western NY, and we were breaking record high temps in May! April was still unusually warm, and this past week has been pretty unusally hot.

We never see temps that are this hot. Today we almost hit 90 with 80% humidity.

I have not been feeling so hot, and with that being said, I haven't been outside tending to all my plants, and yes, even my plumerias.

Yesterday I checked 2 of my plumeria that I got from Jungle Jacks, and the bark actually almost felt "spongy". It concerned me to say the least, so I moved them indoors in a dark cool room just for the night.

Today there back to normal...WHEW..I was VERY CONCERNED(to say the least.)but they seem to have turned around.

Next Friday night I will be heading for the airport, I don't have anyone to really tend to them. I don't really want to ask anyone. Last time, I had people that actually over watered and killed several plants.

My plumeria will be fine for 10 days but I wonder if I should move them. I have some that sit on concrete but these plumeria are pushing inflos now. I really think that the added heat has helped most of them, but I wanted to ask some of you here who typically deal with these high temps every year.



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I'm sure there are others with better advice than me, but I live in an area where temps regularly hit 100+ in the summer - although it's usually very dry. My plumeria seem to do best in a location where they get morning sun and afternoon shade, or under a partial canopy, so they get a decent amount of filtered light. I also have them in "insulated" pots - I leave them in the black nursery pot, but place that pot inside a bigger pot (usually fired ceramic or fiberglass with drainage holes), and "pad" the space between the two pots (sides and bottom) with mulch. I haven't lost a plant yet (knock on wood), and they seem pretty happy.

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90 degrees and 80% humidity seems like a nice cool day. When you say the bark felt spongy are you meaning just the bark itself or the entire branch? I would guess if the branch was soft then dehydration would be the most likely culprit.

From my experience its actually harder than one might think to over water in heat conditions. I would give them a good watering before leaving and hopefully you will get some rain over the following 10 days. I hope you feel better.

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