My 9 year-old Zamia got seriously infected! Please help!

HGueretlyOctober 6, 2012

I have 2 Zamia palm (Cycad)trees in my garden that got infected probably few weeks back, but I just noticed it yesterday (I have pictures but for some reason, was unable to post them). All new shoots coming from the heart of the palm tree have withered completely, and some have small round holes in them. I noticed also a lot of snails on the withered shoots which look like feeding on something. Any idea what should I do to same the tress? Pls help urgently. Thanks. NB: If someone thinks he/she can help and would like me to send him/her the pictures, pls email me the mail address to which to send the pictures

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I'd say frost, but I don't think you get frost very much in North Africa! Heat damage maybe? or sun damage?

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Thank you for trying, but it can't be heat or frost. The weather has been very moderate last few weeks in Cairo where I am living, and the 2 tress have been thriving last 9 years in weathers much more accute than last few weeks. It must be an infection of some sort. The gardner (who is not a sofisticated one) claims that it is a new type of infection that came with plants imported from China lately! He sprayed it yesterday with an insecticide, but am not sure if it is not too late, or if it will be effective!

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