Help ! Sick pachypodium

zigonordSeptember 19, 2009


IÂve had a pachypodium lamerei for more than 10 years, now itÂs about 75 cm high and for the past 2 years, the leaves have progressively shown signs of some disease: deformed leaves turning black or yellow and eventually falling off the plant; this is a 3-trunk plant, 2 of them being affected, the third one remaining healthy, as far as I can see (for pictures, see IÂve changed the soil, I watered less, I watered more, IÂve cut out all leaves, IÂve tried large spectrum insecticide and antifungal products, nothing works, the disease is progressing slowly.

But I like my plant!

Who has any idea?



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Attached is the URL

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to photos of sick pachypodium

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Please help - your photos look just like my pachy. All the new leaves are black tipped and twisted. Mine is 3 yrs. and I love it. What did you do for it?
Thank - you

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