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NicholasHJune 16, 2014

I just repotted my Plumeria. I wanted to find a bigger, black nursery pot. I went to Lowe's, Home Depot, Houston Garden Center, and Walmart. I couldn't find anything. Almost every pot that was plastic didn't have holes in the bottom. Or wasn't big enough. So I decided to get a clay pot. I've read that clay pots are bad for Plumerias. I don't know what to do because there is a inflo coming out of one of my branches and I don't want to mess with the rooting system.

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how many holes at the bottom? Drill more with a mason bit? roxanne

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There is one big hole at the bottom. I don't have a drill w/ a mason bit. My concern is the type of pot. I've heard that clay pots are not good for Plumerias. Supposedly the roots stick to the sides of the pot and dry up quickly. Do I stick w/ the clay pot or try to find a black nursery pot some how?

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Paint the plastic one you like the color you want

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Color is not my issue. Like I said the type of pot is my issue. Thanks for the advice though.

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As I am sure you know then....the number of wholes in the bottom of any pot is extremely important. Many on our neighbors trees are in terra cotta pots and loving it. enjoy

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Hi NicholasH - the pot you have it in is fine. Use pot feet to keep the pots off the concrete floor so that you'll have better drainage. Pot feet can be found at any garden center. And when you have to repot due to it being root bound, breaking the pot is not necessary. When you get to that point, just do a search on this forum and you will find lots of info and pictures on how to root prune and repot.

Happy gardening,

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Don't worry, it'll be fine and better off not being transplanted before blooming.

I have several in clay pots and they do just fine. Plastic is easier but black plastic in Texas is not desirable in summer either.

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