help to ID this pest?

batyabethSeptember 30, 2013

I hope my pics will show this white pest, whatever it is, that's completely decimating my shrub. Unfortunately, the shrub's name in english has eluded me for years. It has long white small flowers in spring that open and smell heavenly in the evening only.

Usually I'm a pick 'em off and crush them kind of pest hunter, and will also spray garlic or other potions I can make up. Any other suggestion would be ok too, in an extreme situation, which this is becoming. I especially don't want these pests to travel to the rest of my plants.
Any suggestion/information gratefully accepted.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Looks like wooly aphids to me.

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any help for them? treat them like other aphids, with garlic or other spray? Most of the leaves on the shrub are destroyed and it's near to dying. I wonder if I should simply cut the shrub down, and hope the winter rains revive it - after treating it for whatever this is.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I've never used garlic for insect control, but aphids can be removed with sharp sprays of water. Cutting the plant back if badly infested is a good sure to clean up fallen debris.

Find out what kind of plant it is....that can be a very useful key to planning a preventative cultural program.

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could it be anything else? I've looked at the pics of wooly aphid as suggested, but might there be another culprit?

And I"ll probably cut back the shrub severely. My neighbor says it's called one thing, lists of local plants show nothing like that name, and my gardening buddies here have no idea what it's called. Very odd, as usually there's a name for everything. I'll keep looking........

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Take a good picture of the that shows the stems, leaves, and size. Try to do a better job of describing the flower. Then post the information in the Name That Plant Forum, here in the gardenweb.

As for your critter....yes, it could be something else. Perhaps another picture or two might help. Close-up and focused, if possible, and of the smaller ones.

Have you poked around to see what's under all that fluff? And what kind of damage are you seeing?

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