Oklahoma Drought Monitor 11/6: Worsening Conditions

Okiedawn OK Zone 7November 8, 2012

This week's Oklahoma portion of the U. S. Drought Monitor shows worsening drought conditions in most of the state. The map is linked below.

Remember that your plants still need some water in fall and winter if drought is persisting. They don't need as much water as they do in summer because they're not transpiring as much, but they need some moisture. Remember that dry roots suffer freeze damage more quickly than moist roots.

I've been watering all my fruit trees once a week.


Here is a link that might be useful: Oklahoma Drought Monitor 11/6/2012

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I've been watering too. I planted several rose bushes and other bushes in the early fall, so I knew they needed more water. Not looking forward to my water bill. My sewer charge for the next year is based on my water usage for Nov-Jan, so if I water a lot in the winter, I get to pay extra for it all year long. :(

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I have watered also. I have had some hard frost and the fall garden looked really bad, I watered a couple of days ago and the garden looks better. It seems strange to water this time of the year. It seems as tho the wind has been worse this year also.


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