One last day?

andyandy(6bMI)October 4, 2012

After a blazing middle of summer, late summer was a crapper. September was cold and with the excpetion of one afternoon I've had all of my zone 9-11 palms inside. Lots of lows in the low 40s and a frost warning. today however they are calling for 78 so I dragged them all out this morning. High of 50 by Sunday though. I'm hoping for one last stretch of 70s but I don't think it's coming. And this after reading on the weather channel website that October was supposed to be warmer than normal for the great lakes region.

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Will be interesting to see how the temps respond after the current cool down-they say around 70 here all next week,we shall see.


Sept kept an interesting trend going....we were 5F below average
on the low and 4F over avg high-this is an effect caused directly by the low humidity/drought....
drier air heats up and cools down faster than moist air.

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It was 86 here yesterday with �ber humidity. Driving back home to the beaches from Wilmington yesterday, I watched my car thermometer (very accurate) climb to 89 in central Delaware at 11:35am. Ouch. That's like July or August. 79 and cloudy today, still humid.

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October has just started so it still has that chance. But as far as long range forecast goes I never really trust them much. Over here has been hotter than average. But all that can change. I just hope winter is not a cold one.

- US_Marine

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

Yeah it was 86 here yesterday too and 85 again today. This week we had higher humidity than we had all summer. Temps are expected to plummet early next week though. It is possible we will see our first night of below 50 for the season.

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