Is this bug-related? :(

TashhChilliSeptember 1, 2014

Hay! I'm brand new to this website, so I hope I'm getting this right.

This is my bean plant (I don't know what type of bean yet, I just found it in the fridge so I planted it, beans aren't my forte).
Recently I've been noticing these markings on the leaves and I can't work out what's wrong with it, it doesn't seem to be affecting the actual plant too much but I'm worried it might contagious?

In case the picture didn't upload they're just small yellowish holes in the leaves, but not the type of holes that I usually see left by caterpillars or slugs etc. I've checked the plant thoroughly and can see no signs of creatures, I thought it might be Thrips, but the holes look bigger and less frequent.

Any help is greatly appreciated :D

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Thrips, even if present, don't make holes.

I doubt those few very small spots are significant.

If it's indoors, it needs to outdoors and into the ground or a larger pot.
Further, what did you fill the pot with? Needs to be potting mix, not soil.

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Yeah, I don't think it's really affecting the plant, but all the new leaves coming through are like this.

I leave them outside for a few hours each day and then bring them in when it stars getting cold. Yeah, I planted it with seedling mix and then top layered it with some soil because I ran out haha.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

could wind be beating this thing around a bit when its outside ????

it will be fun to grow it indoors ... but you may never see produce from it.. indoors.. in winter... most veg crops need full blinding sun.. to produce flower and veg ...

but i hope you have fun trying ...


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No, it's not wind related, because it's still very young I've been keeping it indoors anyway.
I thought maybe the soil wasn't nutritious enough, I repotted it and still every shoot which blooms has these strange holes/markings and now the ends of the leaves are turning dry and crispy :( :(

Thank you for the advice though!

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The holes could very well be caused by any type of mechanical damage to the leaves as they were developing, because tissue around minute injuries often dries up and dies. If this plant has been moved around and potted and re-potted, you can be assured it has some tissue injury. Beans like to grow in situ.......and resent being handled. Quit loving it to death. LOL

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