Plumeria never flowers

kairynelJune 20, 2014

Hi, I was hoping you could help me out. I bought a plumeria cutting in Maui a couple years ago and potted it. It seems to have taken root well, I have had it for almost three years now. However, it has never once flowered. Is this normal?

The leaves all drop off every once in a while, but always grow back. It doesn't seem to have gotten much bigger either. I live in Southern California, and my plant is on an outdoor deck that gets plenty of sun, and I only water it about once a week. Could you give me any advice?


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It looks healthy. Do you fertilize it regularly?

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Yes, I am also curious about fertilization and which kind you use. Also, is it up against a house or wall like in the photo? How big is the pot and how long has it been in that pot??

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I actually don't fertilize it regularly...I just used a Miracle Gro cactus potting mix. It doesn't show in the picture, but to the left is the fence of the deck. It is up against the wall I guess. I'd say the pot is a 1 gallon maybe? I'm not too sure about that, but I haven't changed it since I potted it.

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I would first remove the saucer under the pot that holds water, that's really bad for plumeria roots. Also for a cutting that size a one gallon pot should be fine. I have over 100 cuttings in one gallon pots and they bloom just fine. I would say to start using Miracle Grow Bloom Booster once every two weeks and make sure it's out in direct sunlight. It's still early so it has plenty of time to bloom this year.

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Kairynel, this is the problem with plumeria: they bloom when they reach the right size for it. And that size varies from plant to plant.

Mine are taking an average of three years from rooting to blooming. However, when they reach blooming age they will bloom more frequently.

You may want to do as suggested above, and treat for insects as your leaves look like they have spider mite damage. Neem oil or regular blasting with the hose should do the trick. Good luck!

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I agee with jandey about treating for sucking insects, the spots on the leaves are indicative of them. And I agree about ditching the saucer, getting it in the sun and fertilizing.

I would gently take the plant out of the pot and look at the roots to see if it's root bound. After a couple of years of it being in that pot I bet it's root bound. If so, you can just prune the roots a bit, bring that soil level up in the pot a bit and re-pot it. That may invigorate the plant a bit and also encourage it to grow.

You can see the scar where it bloomed before so it is either slow growing or has slowed due to other factors - so we know it is capable of blooming haha!

Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress!

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