What kind of eggs?

avalleySeptember 15, 2013

It is mid September and my shrub is dying. It has these small white "eggs" all over it. Can you tell me what they are and what to do. Thank you

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

based on this pic.. your plant is not dying... it has vibrant lush new growth ....

besides the alleged eggs.. of which i cant focus on ... what other symptoms does it have..

a pic of the whole will help ...

what is the plant.. and if euonymus.. compare scale..


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I don't think those are eggs. Those look exactly like euonymus scale crawlers and NOW is the time to treat them. Do it before your window of opportunity closes.

That's my best guess, anyway.

Here is a link that might be useful: Euonymus Scale

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Deleted duplicate.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if scale.. i would do one of two things..

get rid of the plant.. as this pest is endemic tot eh whole family of plants.. [got rid of all 10 of mine due to scale.. it wasnt worth the cost of remedy #2]

but if you insist.. i would use bayer tree and shrub.. hard core.. heavy duty.. .systemic..

you will kill them all.. and be pest free for years thereafter ...

i have never succeeded with all the organic oils sprays .. as i could never perfect the timing issues... since its usually a 40 hour window.. once a year .... and you better be a wizard with your sprayer.. because you have to hit every single one.. and suffocate it with the oil.. so miss one.. and you will be back at it in a year or so ....


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I lost a large (over 6 foot) euonymus to scale this summer.

I know you need to get it early...ken's Bayer advice sounds very good.

Otherwise the plant needs to be removed and burned or sent to the dump.

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It does look like a pretty heavy infestation as well. You can whack that shrub back and get rid of a major part of the infestation. It will grow back. I would treat it with hort oil. I have treated a very major outbreak of euonymus scale on a creeping variety, by that regime and they never came back. I prefer the suffocants like hort oil, rather than a systemic like imidicloprid. You don't need to catch scale in the crawler stage for suffocants like you do with contact poisons. It's effective in ALL stages of the life cycle from eggs to mature adults.

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Thank you for all the advice.

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