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irun5kJune 2, 2010

I have an approximately 6', 5-tip common pink plumeria that I purchased and put in the ground a couple of months ago. It was doing well, new leaves but no blooms yet.

It was around 90 degrees the other day and UV index of 10+, and I for some reason thought that would be a great time to spray the leaves down with some Ortho Ecosense insecticidal soap.

If I had read the directions or used common sense, I would have realized that I should have done this after sundown or well in advance of sunrise. Some of the leaves are now yellowing with what I can only assume is some type of burn caused by my careless behavior.

I have a hard time believing I've done any severe, permanent damage? I'm hoping the worst that happens is I lose some leaves and they're replaced sooner than later. But, I love this plumeria and would feel better if an expert could validate this for me. Also, is there anything I ought to be doing to help matters?

P.S., any other growers here from St Petersburg?



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nancyanne_2010(Z 8 / WA)

I'm not from florida nor am I a plumeria expert although I've seen some things like this happen with other plants and most start growing again soon. If it's just the leaves yellowing, it's no problem. If it ever happens again, rinse the plant thoroughly as soon as you realize it. I think the main problem you may have is it may set back blooming. This product is just a fatty acid suspension which will burn plants on hot days (think of baby oil and skin on a hot day)

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brighty(9 CA)


I had a simular experience. Several years ago a wolf spider decided to make its home hanging above my plumerias. My husband got out the bug spray and shot it up at the spider. Of course what goes up must come down and the spray came down all over my prize plumeria. Soon afterwards the leaves turned yellow and fell off. It did affect the blooming season. However, the following year it recovered very nicely and it is now my best bloomer.
Take Nancyanne's advise and rinse that baby down. Best of luck to you.


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Thanks to you both- good to hear that I've probably not caused long-term damage.

I checked it again this morning and it currently appears that only 15% of the leaves were seriously affected and will drop. I wasn't expecting a whole lot in regard to blooming this year since I transplanted it this spring, but it would be nice to see that they at least see a couple flowers just so I can validate what I bought :) Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky. Hopefully I'll follow this back up in a month or two with some flower photos :)

Ironically my neighbor *never* touches hers and they do great. They are growing about 2" from a 6' fence, though all kinds of vines and undergrowth, limited sunlight and they never get watered or fertilized (just good old rain water) AND they somehow survived a rare freeze here last winter that killed some of my palms just a few feet away. Honestly, if that isn't a maintenance free plant for this part of Florida, I don't know what is!!!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Good heavens, with your sun, heat and humidity, that plant should get going in no time. This is only a minor setback in my estimatioin. No worries! I would just give the foliage a spraying of water in the late afternoon/evening to eliminate most pests, but then you ARE in Florida, and you have bugs we've never seen here! LOL!

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