(Pics) Help! White bugs & Red bugs on Herbs!

foodgardenerSeptember 30, 2007

This forum has been very helpful as I learned more and more about gardening. I am fairly new at gardening. All of my plants are grown in containers and less than 6 months old. However, now I have at least 2 new bugs that are destroying 3 of my plants (peppermint, parsley, and strawberry). With these pictures, please help me identify the problem so that I can hopefully come up with a solution.

Peppermint: Tiny reddish-brown bugs that when squeezed release brownish stain. They usually hide on underside of leaves. They have completely devastated my once thriving peppermint plant over the course of the past month. This needs critical attention!

Italian, Flat-leaf Parsley: Tiny white/yellow cream bugs that release dirty, black gunk when squeezed. These bugs seem to be very sticky and are both sides of the leaves (top and underside).

Strawberry: Has same white/yellow cream bugs as parsley. However, it also has a white cottony mold-like growth along the runner stems. Could this be 2 problems?


Cottony growth view 1

Cottony growth view 2

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botanybob(Northern Idaho)

The parsley appears to have aphids and there are whiteflies on the strawberry. Neem can be used on both of these. I have had good success using insecticidal soap on aphids, but on whiteflies it requires several repeated applications.

I can't make out photo #1. The cottony growth could be a type of scale or fungal growth, but again, I can't make out enough detail. With that much fungal growth, I would expect to see some stem discoloration, so I am leaning towards a cottony scale.

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