clysta(8)September 10, 2010

Every year in Arizona I am inundated with crickets. Indoors I spray with RAID, but would like to catch them out doors before they get into the house. Our winters aren't cold enough to kill the eggs layed by the summer crowd. What does everyone else use?

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Not even the winters in Michigan are cold enough to kill many insect eggs, including the crickets. There is a bait you can place outside that can offer some control and it contains a protazoan called " Nosema locustae".
That spray you have been using in the house is a very toxic and broad spectrum poison that contains a synthetic pyrethroid as the active ingrediant. It is not something I would expose my family to.

Here is a link that might be useful: Poisons

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

A cricket basket and a hook. I gather them, take them to the lake, put them on the hook and cast into a fish's mouth. Great rewards for a great bait.

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Thanks for the tip! I would much rather go green if possible. Have ordered some of the protozoans already.

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The protzoans did not work. I hired somene to spray outside this year. The killed quite a few large beetles but I get at least 3 crickets indoors after they spray. I would love to have them spray or maybe I could do it after dark.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

My first mode of attack would be to carefully seal and caulk all of the places though which crickets or anything else could squeeze. Any tiny crack around doors or windows, etc. We used to have lots of ladybugs in our home every fall and winter until we installed a new storm door, for example. We 'thought' that the front door had a pretty tight seal, but apparently not.

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Keep in mind that the protazoans in the "Nosema locustae" are not immediate death for those critters.
I have seen crickets come into the house under the outside door even with a good weatherstrip sealing that, although caulking any other potential entry points would be a good idea.
Spraying any kind of insecticide in my house would not be something that could be done since that stuff would cause a severe asthama attack that could put me in the hospital. At the very least I could not be in the house for about a week afterwards.

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