One last blast of almost summer.

andyandy(6bMI)October 8, 2010

72 and sunny yesterday and the next three days are supposed to be 75-78 and sunny. I left my tall coconut, 2 bottles, and Butia out last night. It fell to 43. I didn't think it was going to get THAT cool. I'm sure they are fine and it is supposed to be in the low 50s the next few nights so they should be able to stay out until Monday when I get home from work. I left my Roebi (just too heavy about 80-90 lbs in it's pot) and my dwarf coconut inside. The dwarf is in a south facing window getting direct sun all afternoon and is on a heat mat. I can already tell that it has continued to grow since I brought it in. I don't want to move it agin until spring.

GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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80-85 here the next 4 days-
I would say that qualifies as summer!

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