Morning Glory Leaf miners

joyce58(Zone 5 NY)September 2, 2012

My gorgeous morning glories definitely have leaf miners...I can see the damage and the feces and even squished a "worm"....I have been picking off the infected leaves but each day there appears to be more. I have sprayed with insecticidal soap but am hoping for some non- toxic ideas for keeping plants green and going since the blooms have been so lovely.



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey joyce.. its FALL!!!

the first frost in z5.. will take care of them quick enough ... within a month or so ...

i wouldnt go spending much time nor sprays on trying to solve the problem..

with the hard summer.. mine have just peaked.. i am surprised you can even see the leaves ...

ignore them.. the dead rotting mass will be in the garbage or compost pile soon enough..


ps: insecticidal soap is topical .. what effect will it have inside the leaf???? .. [its like saying you have a sinus infection.. so you are going to wash your nose] ... unless i am mistaken .... and it has systemic abilities .. if so ... someone will correct me ...

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Once those larva are inside the leaf they are quite well protected from any insecticide. Insecticidal Soap might, if it hits the adults, be effective as a control of the adults but does nothing to the larva that are the leaf miners. Seldom do these really do significant damage to the leaf, it is mostly cosmetic. There are some systemics that might control these buggers but they can also do harm to beneficial insects.
Pesticide use to control these is pretty much limited to when the adults begin laying the eggs that will become the leaf miners.

Here is a link that might be useful: About Leaf Miners

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